China dental lab LOYAL BEAUTY are certified with ISO13485 and ISO9001, FDA registered. Safe materials are used for every dental restoration.


Many years of experience in the dental outsourcing industry are worthy of your trust.

Trusted security

The zirconia crown, crown and bridge and other dental products have passed international certifications for safety and reliability.

Awards winners

China dental lab high-quality zirconia dental crowns and other dental outsourcing products have won international awards.

Great experience

Many customers are very satisfied with the zirconia crown, crown and bridge products produced by LOYAL BEAUTY dental lab.


Values and goals of China dental lab LOYAL BEAUTY

China dental lab specializes in crown and bridge, zirconia crown, veneers, all-ceramic restorations, implants, attachments, orthodontics, full and partial dentures, flexible partial, metal frames, etc.

Since 1995, the dental design products of China dental lab Loyal Beauty have been exported to Europe, America, and Japan, and have helped thousands of dentists restore oral health and smiles for their patients! Our mission to establish a dental lab is to maximize consistency in this highly changing dental design industry.

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CORE TECHNOLOGY PRODUCT by china dental lab

Dental laboratory customer case

Dental Veneer

China Dental Lab Loyal Beauty’s new concept of dental beauty, full-process digital no-tooth preparation solution, Dental Veneer leads the fashion, basically, no teeth grinding, easy to complete dental beauty! The classic and long-last dental design solution of your beautiful smiles. Ultra-thin veneers to restore the smiles without hurting natural teeth.

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Acrylic Denture

Acrylic Denture

China Dental Lab Loyal Beauty acrylic denture is a movable denture that users can remove and wear by themselves. It is a traditional method of restoring the shape and function of missing teeth.

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All Ceramic

All Ceramic Crown

China Dental Lab Loyal Beauty All Ceramic crown can be the best choice for restoring a cracked or broken front tooth or a badly damaged tooth that cannot be corrected with a veneer. All Ceramic crowns offer natural-looking dental restorations that are color-matched to the surrounding teeth. The All CeramicMetal free restoration, with a natural and aesthetic look.

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China Crown And Bridge Attachment

Crown And Bridge Attachment

Crown And Bridge attachments designed by the china dental lab are generally resilient to allow free movement of the prosthesis to distribute potentially destructive forces or loads away from the abutments to supporting bone and tissue.Dental design of Precision attachment to solve insertion and combination restorations.

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dental lab silent nite

Anti-snoring Device

Anti-snoring Device, are custom made by China Dental Lab Loyal Beauty for each patient, which promises comfortable sleep and less tension in the mouth. The selected custom anti-snoring device, the dental design will bring you a quiet night!

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Clear Aligner dental design

Clear Aligner

China Dental Lab Loyal Beauty Clear Aligner is a self-wearing orthodontic device for correcting misaligned teeth. Clear Aligner consists of customized, removable transparent braces. An easy and convenient way to align your teeth invisibly. The high-quality dental design makes you smile, It’s never too late to get aligned smiles.

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LOYAL BEAUTY is a China dental lab with 27 years of experience. We not only provide dental products such as zirconia crown, crown and bridge but also provide a full range of dental design products. We have been paying attention to and understanding the global dental product development trend. To improve the production technology of dental products to meet all the needs of customers. China dental outsourcing LOYAL BEAUTY is happy to be your honest long-term partner!

  • China dental lab Loyal Beauty is a reliable business partner for the production of zirconia crowns
  • China dental lab Loyal Beauty always designs and produces high-quality crown and bridge products
  • China dental lab Loyal Beauty provides high-quality comprehensive dental design services
  • China dental lab Loyal Beauty will ensure the material safety of all zirconia crowns and other products

We have established a China Dental Outsourcing Laboratory to repair dental problems for those in need. China dental lab Loyal Beauty zirconia crowns help more patients restore beautiful and confident smiles. Confidence and a smile are the panaceas that heal people in life. China Dental Outsourcing is very happy and proud to provide patients with crown and bridge dental outsourcing services. China Dental Outsourcing has always treated every patient’s crown and bridge with heart. Because we deeply understand the needs of every patient, we are committed to helping dentists provide every patient with the highest quality dental design services.

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China dental lab cares about your smile. We believe that a bright smile plays an important role in your life. Dental designs such as cosmetic veneers and transparent aligners and zirconia crowns are excellent solutions to achieve this goal!


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Due to global COVID-19, China dental lab LOYAL BEAUTY handle all our incoming impression/models with ozone disinfection twice before unpacking. This could delay our time of handling models with 2 hours. In special situation, we keep safe and healthy as priority.

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