A Deeper Look at Designing Zirconia Crowns – How to Get them Looking Flawless


A Deeper Look at Designing Zirconia Crowns

Zirconia crowns are gaining popularity as a feasible dental restoration solution due to their stability, strength and natural aesthetic. And, if properly designed and manufactured, zirconia crowns can look flawless. Here’s a deeper look into designing and getting these crowns to look their best.

1. Design Process

To start, the design process requires accuracy and attention to detail. Here are a few aspects to consider:

    • Margin Design: The margin should be designed carefully to ensure accuracy and precision. While it depends on the patient’s condition and the amount of available space, the definitive guide is the marginal adaptation to ensure a snug fit.


    • Occlusal Anatomy: It is essential to determine the patient’s cuspid guidance and proper alignment of centric and eccentric occlusal anatomy.


    • Contact Area: Both the interproximal and axial contact area should be evaluated for accurate placement and size, lest the final result appears unnatural and does not work in the patient’s mouth.


2. Manufacturing Process

Once the design process is complete, the manufacturing process centers around precise measurements, especially regarding the height of occlusal and incisal/occlusal contacts points — they must be precise to ensure a precise fit.

3. Polishing

The crown needs to be properly polished so that it looks natural and fit seamlessly with the other teeth. When done professionally, the crown’s smooth, glossy surface will incorporate naturally with the other teeth, creating a seamless restoration.


Getting zirconia crowns looking flawless requires attention to design, accuracy with measurements and precise polishing. If done the right way, zirconia crowns can provide a stable, lasting restoration that looks completely natural.


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