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Purpose of dental outsourced

Through the establishment of dental outsourcing services, we establish a timely and effective communication bridge for dental patients and dental institutions, provide high-quality, efficient, convenient, and thoughtful medical services to each other, provide timely diagnosis and evaluation, ensure that dental outsourcing services can operate effectively and reliably so that the results of the outsourcing process meet their needs, service goals, and treatment scope.

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Main scope of dental outsourcing

1. Wrench closed dental outsourcing

Without removing dental tissue, a layer of adhesive resin is applied to the gap groove of the tooth to protect the enamel from bacteria and metabolites and achieve an effective anti-caries method for preventing caries.

2. Root canal treatment dental outsourcing

It is a treatment method by removing necrotic substances in the root canal, properly disinfecting and filling the root canal to remove the adverse irritation of the root canal contents to the tissues around the apical, preventing the occurrence of periapical lesions or promoting the healing of periapical lesions.

3. Resin beauty repair dental outsourcing

It comprises a high-polymer resin matrix and an inorganic germanium filler and has physicochemical properties after curing. Meet the needs of dental clinical function and aesthetic restoration.

4. Porcelain dental outsourcing

Porcelain teeth are restorations made by first making a metal substrate (also known as an inner crown) from an alloy and then covering the surface with porcelain powder similar to natural teeth. Under vacuum conditions, ceramic powder is melted and bonded to a specially treated metal surface using high temperatures.

5. Pile crown repair dental outsourcing

A pile crown is a crown restoration that uses a (metal) crown pile inserted into the root canal to obtain retention force.

6. Titanium alloy porcelain teeth dental outsourcing

Porcelain teeth are made of alloys to form a metal substrate (also called the inner crown) and then cover the surface with porcelain powder, similar to natural teeth. Under vacuum conditions, ceramic powder is melted and bonded to a specially treated metal surface using high temperatures. Titanium alloy porcelain dental prosthesis has good biocompatibility, corrosion resistance, and processability.

7. Invisible denture dental outsourcing

Invisible dentures are movable dentures that have earned their reputation because they use elastic resin clamps located on the natural gingival margin and are highly stimulated. Flexible resin is a new denture repair material introduced into China by the United States in 1995. There is no exact scientific name yet.

8. Pure titanium porcelain dental outsourcing

Titanium has biosafety and compatibility, good mechanical properties, good process properties, and is an ideal dental metal. Also, pure medical titanium has achieved excellent results in prosthetic body making.

9. Dental outsourcing of partial steel bracing dentures/full mouth prosthetic dentures

The denture has a base, and the bottom of the movable denture is all made of steel. The steel bracket is the core component used for some oral dentures, which supports and strengthens the denture base, and is generally cast from metal. Because of the strength of the metal, it is not easy to break, and the ground can be made thin and compact; the patient feels comfortable and beautiful.

10. Gold alloy porcelain teeth dental outsourcing

Precious metal porcelain dental crowns are generally cast in gold, platinum, and palladium alloy, rich in gold, good biocompatibility, and corrosion resistance. It can effectively avoid allergies, inflammation of the neck edge of porcelain teeth, and other phenomena and is recognized by the international community as the ideal alloy material.

In addition to the above, there are some essential dental outsourcing services, some primary painless tooth extraction, dental implants, dental fillings, children’s dental diseases, teeth whitening, ultrasonic dental cleaning, various high and low-grade dentures, free oral preventive education, etc.

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Basic knowledge of dentistry under dental outsourced

1. Dental endodontics: including dental challenging tissue diseases (caries, non-caries dental injury, abnormal tooth development), pulp, and periapical diseases.
2. Caries: Caries, or dental caries, is a chronic, progressive and destructive disease that occurs in the hard tissues of teeth under the action of multiple factors, with bacteria as the primary pathogen.
3. Dental outsourcing socket preparation: the caries tissue is removed by dental surgery, and the cavity is prepared into a particular shape required to accommodate and support the repair materials. This step is called hole preparation, referred to as hole preparation for short.
4. Bottom of the hole: pad a layer of material of sufficient thickness at the bottom of the hole to isolate the temperature, chemical, current and mechanical stimuli of the outside and repair materials. At the same time, it has the effect of padding a flat hole to form a filling hole shape to withstand filling pressure and chewing force. Commonly used pad materials are zinc phosphate water mention, glass ion water mention, and imported glass ions.
5. Periapical inflammation: refers to a disease that occurs at the tip of the tooth and its surrounding tissues. Most periapical diseases are inflammatory diseases, known as periapical inflammation.
6. Root canal treatment is the most effective and thorough treatment for endodontic and periapical diseases. Eliminating the source of infection in the root canal and tightly filling the root canal promotes healing, prevents re-infection, and preserves the affected teeth.
7. Root canal preparation is a crucial step in root canal treatment. Its primary purpose is to clean diseased pulp tissue and its decomposition products, bacteria, and various toxins in the root canal; remove dentin infected by the surface layer of the root canal wall; remove residual substances and debris in the root canal, and complete the formation of the root canal to create favorable conditions for drug disinfection and root canal filling.
8. Dental outsourced root canal filling: Three-dimensional filling of the cleaned and formed root canal system is realized by filling the root canal with a teether and root canal sealant into the root canal. The teether tip should fill the central part of the root canal. The root canal sealant fills the gap between the canal wall and the solid filler (teether), lateral collateral isthmus, and irregular root canals.

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We specialize in dental outsourcing services such as crowns and bridges, veneers, all-ceramic restorations, implants, accessories, orthodontics, full and partial dentures, flexible partial dentures, metal frames, etc. Since 1995, Loyal Beauty has exported products to Europe, the United States, and Japan. It has helped thousands of dental patients restore their oral health and bring smiles to their patients!

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