China Dental Implant Industry Teaches You How To Maintain Dental Implants

Principles of Dental Implants


The principle of China dental implant industry is the process of artificially implanting the base of the tooth to the root of the tooth. The base of an artificial tooth is a plastic or metal plate that has a groove in which a membrane is placed. This membrane has three functions: prevent the spread of periodontal disease, promote tooth growth, and help fix artificial implant teeth.


The root of an artificial tooth is enclosed by a metal sleeve, which is connected to the real tooth root. When artificially implanted teeth contain growth factors, they stimulate real tooth root growth. During the entire process of dental implants, artificially implanted teeth continue to grow until they reach the required size.


china dental implant industry can cure various forms of oral problems. Not only can it solve oral problems, but it can also repair your micro-expressions. So, if you want flawless micro-expressions, consider getting a new set of teeth. Dental implants can make teeth look more like real teeth and are less likely to fall out. However, if the implants are not done correctly, the teeth may fall out over time.

Dental outsourcing disinfection process

Advantages of dental implant products


  • Advantages of dental implants: cheap, convenient, and painless.
  • The function of dental implants: they can restore the chewing function and maintain the appearance.


China dental implant industry program


The china dental implant industry procedure includes preparatory steps, tooth cleaning and marking, incision design and fabrication, root insertion, implant material selection, and positioning, implant process, and post-processing.

  • Preparation tools: Toothpick (with plastic handle), dental floss (with plastic handle), dental tray, dental plate.
  • Put the tooth to be implanted into the bracket, fix the bracket with a toothpick or dental floss, and place the dental plate in the interdental space.
  • Use dental floss or floss holder to pick up the crown from the gums, make it in close contact with the surrounding tissue, and leave marks on the crown.
  • Use toothpicks or dental floss to fill the interdental spaces, and use toothpicks or dental floss to extend the roots of the teeth up, down, left, and right.
  • Fill the interdental spaces with implant materials (implants, biological agents, etc.) to maintain oral hygiene.
  • Apply anesthetic drugs around the root to achieve disinfection.
  • Start the operation.


Precautions for dental implants

1. Choose a regular professional hospital in China dental implant industry for dental implant surgery.
2. Prepare appropriate expenses and make relevant financial preparations.
3. Before the operation, try to ensure the health of the gums.
4. When you go to the hospital for surgery, ask the doctor to make professional judgment and designs for you.
5. After the operation is completed, attention should be paid to maintaining oral health.
6. After the operation, the teeth must be checked regularly to prevent the occurrence of dental calculus or periodontitis.


How to maintain


When the tooth is missing and implanted, it needs to be maintained in daily life. If you do not pay attention, various problems may occur. So how should it be maintained?

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1. Avoid chewing too hard food and avoid excessive force.

Dental implants have a good chewing function. However, since there is no periodontal ligament around the implant and no nerve innervation, there will be no pain when biting hard objects, and patients may even feel that the implant is better than their natural teeth. But the feeling of no pain actually means that there is no self-protection, no awareness of the severity, no avoidance, and no awareness of overloading. Therefore, patients should consciously avoid biting too hard food with implants, otherwise, it is often too late when the problem is discovered.


2. Quit smoking


Smoking can increase the incidence of peri-implantitis and cause implant failure. Therefore, it is best for patients who smoke to quit smoking after dental implants.


3. Do not forget to review


Regular periodontal cleaning and regular review. Generally, you need to go to the hospital for periodontal cleaning and reexamination every 6 months to remove dental calculus that cannot be removed by conventional tooth brushing in time, and deal with problems in time if found. If abnormalities are found during normal use, you should seek medical attention in time.


Dental implants require the use of special periodontal cleaning equipment. Ordinary periodontal scalers, scalers, etc. cannot be used to clean and scale it, otherwise, the surface of the implant will be damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly go to qualified medical institutions in China dental implant industry for maintenance.


4. Pay attention to oral hygiene


When there are dental implants in the mouth, special attention should be paid to the hygienic conditions. The key parts of cleaning are the neck of the dental implants and the surrounding gum tissue. You should use a toothbrush with soft bristles and brushed bristle tips. In addition to insisting on brushing your teeth once a day in the morning and evening, and rinsing your mouth after meals, since the neck of the implanted teeth is generally narrower than the natural teeth, especially the posterior teeth, the gap between the two teeth is relatively large, it is strongly recommended to use dental floss or dental floss. Interdental brushes clean the interdental surfaces and interdental spaces.


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