China Dental Lab: Fashion Dental Metal Framework, what are the general classifications?

According to china dental lab, when there is a tooth defect, no matter what the reason is, for the sake of beauty and practicality, Fashion Dental Metal Framework will be used as soon as possible, so that you can have beautiful teeth as soon as possible through dental implants, and you can only chew when eating. more fully. But before proceeding with the installation, what are the reasons for the different charges? And what classifications are there in terms of materials?

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What are the factors for the different charges of Fashion Dental Metal Framework?

1. Different regions have different charges

The general cost of Fashion Dental Metal Framework is between 2,500-7,200 yuan, but depending on the location, there is often a large disparity in price. If it is in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou in China, since these cities belong to the first-tier cities, in such a regional dental The general price of dental metal frame installation in hospitals is around 7,000 yuan. If you choose a county dental hospital, the relative charges are relatively low, generally around 2,500 yuan.


2. Different materials have different charges

china dental lab tells you that dental metal frames are actually different in terms of materials, and the price of different materials will also vary greatly. When choosing materials, you can choose according to your own family conditions. If the family conditions are better, you can choose a dental metal frame made of metal with better material. The dental metal frame made of such materials not only looks beautiful, but also lasts for a long time . If the family conditions are average, you can choose a dental metal frame material that is slightly inferior. Although it is inferior to better metal materials in terms of aesthetics, its price is relatively low.


3. The price of a small amount of installation and full installation are different

Some of the dental metal frame installations of china dental lab are small installations, and some are full-mouth installations. There will be a large difference in price between small-scale installations and full-mouth installations. For example, a small amount of installation costs about 1,500 yuan. If it is a full-mouth installation, the general price will reach about 2,500 yuan.


 What are the classifications of dental metal frames

1. Metal classification

Fashion Dental Metal Framework is generally divided into various classifications in terms of materials, including metal classification. Generally, there are two types of metal classifications. The first is the classification of precious metal materials, and the second is the classification of non-precious metal materials. These two kinds of materials are more commonly used. Whether it is the service life or the appearance, they are both good materials. As a user, you can choose the one that suits you according to your own situation.

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2. Classification of process use

The classification of Dental Metal Framework in terms of technology mainly includes casting materials, metal and ceramic sintering and materials, as well as forging materials, brazing materials, and filling materials. These processes are more commonly used. Choose according to the actual condition of your teeth. Because different processes are suitable for different teeth, only by choosing the one that suits you can you be more satisfied after installation, whether it is beautiful or practical.

3. Melting point classification

In terms of melting point classification, the dental metal frame of china dental lab is generally divided into the following categories, not only high melting point metal materials, but also low melting point metal materials and medium melting point metal materials. These three melting point classifications have their own advantages and characteristics. As a demander, they also choose a melting point classification that suits them according to their own needs.


How to choose a hospital for dental metal frame?

1. See the dental hospital charges

When china dental lab installs Fashion Dental Metal Framework, whether it is a first-tier city or a second- and third-tier city, there are many dental laboratories in china. Before choosing, due to the high price of installing dental metal frame, when choosing a hospital, To see which dental outsourcing is more reasonable in terms of charges, you can compare and see which charges you can accept, and then choose an accredited dental hospital to install the dental metal frame, so that it is not only beautiful, but also more practical after installation.


2. Look at the popularity of the dental hospital

The dental metal frame that you want to install looks good, and the price is relatively reasonable. You can compare it with multiple china dental labs, especially by entering the other party’s website for an all-round understanding. The same as the charges, it also depends on the popularity in the industry. As long as the popularity is relatively high, it proves that there are many people who need to install dental metal frames, so as to be relatively high in popularity. Installing in such a hospital can ensure a good appearance, chew food more fully, and use it for a longer time.


3. See the technical experience of the doctor in the dental hospital

When choosing a china dental lab dental hospital, not only the fees, but also the industry reputation, but also the technical experience of the doctors in the hospital. Only doctors are highly skilled and experienced in installing dental metal frames. When such doctors install dental metal frames for patients, they will not only install the dental metal frame according to the patient’s teeth, but also have a lot of experience to chew more comfortably after installation. , can also chew relatively hard food, and the appearance is relatively good-looking.


When installing Fashion Dental Metal Framework in china dental lab, in order to avoid spending more money, you must first understand the different reasons for charging and what categories are there. China dental lab LOYAL BEAUTY, a dental outsourcing that can install dental metal frameworks with confidence, the products not only Wear-resistant and durable, chewing like healthy teeth will keep you satisfied!


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