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china dental lab will tell you that acrylic is actually not a very rare material. In fact, in our home decoration, acrylic is used in a wide range. In fact, acrylic is most used on our plexiglass, because it is easier to shape. , has very good transparency, stability, and weather resistance, is relatively easy to dye, and relatively easy to process, so not only in the construction industry, but the decoration industry is also used in many jewelry industries. And in fact, acrylic is actually a plastic material, but compared with other plastics, it is more high-quality. So can such materials be used by manufacturers of dental outsourcing dentures? Is made in China Acrylic Denture available in the market?


The reason for made in China Acrylic Denture


1. Low cost


china dental lab is here to popularize it for you. The manufacturing process of dentures has a long history. In the past, dentures were manufactured through metal models. For example, gold teeth are a very common denture, but in fact these metals are It is easy to use, but it is not very suitable for long-term contact with food in the oral cavity, and it is possible to receive X-rays in medical treatment, etc., so it is not very suitable. The manufacturers of China Acrylic Denture shine. Because the manufacturing cost of this kind of dentures is very low, the plasticity is strong, and the material itself is plastic, it is conceivable that the cost is very low, and it is also quite effective for some people with relatively low economy. Having teeth is better than having no teeth.

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2. Strong plasticity


Whether it is metal or all-ceramic, when china dental laboratory is manufacturing dentures, the accuracy of the data is often quite high. If there is a little deviation, it may not be able to be used normally, and it needs to be re-plasticized and manufactured. Patients cannot use it in the first place. However, if it is made in China Acrylic Denture, the plasticity is very strong, and the manufacturing time will be very short. If there is a problem, it can be adjusted in time, so that the patient can use the teeth as soon as possible and avoid affecting the quality of life.


The scope of use of made in China Acrylic Denture


1. Acrylic dentures are decorations


In fact, we will see some dentures in many china dental laboratories. The fidelity of these dentures is very high. You can also pull out these dentures for demonstration. Most of these dentures are made in China Acrylic denture. Acrylic is better than ordinary plastics in terms of hardness or matching. It is for this reason that many dentures are for display, and of course some dentures are designed to cater to certain markets.


2. Acrylic dentures are movable teeth


china dental lab reminds that even if acrylic has a high hardness, it belongs to the category of plastic. If it is used in the oral cavity for a long time, it will inevitably be corrosive to a certain extent, so there is no way to use it for a long time. Therefore, if it is made in China Acrylic Denture, it is often used in a short period of time. Generally, it is used as a movable tooth. It is simple to manufacture, install and use. However, you must pay attention to your diet every day, and it needs to be removed for cleaning. In particular, the installation part should not be left dirty, which will cause pollution to the gums.


The attention points of made in China Acrylic Denture


1. Cleaning attention


china dental lab reminds you that the daily cleaning of made in China Acrylic Denture should also be very careful. It is said that diseases enter from the mouth. We will also wash the food before eating to avoid diarrhea after eating. The dentures will take a lot of time. Staying in the mouth, if the cleaning is not good, will easily lead to bad taste in the mouth, and the bacteria on it will also cause other oral diseases such as oral ulcers, so carefully clean after using dentures.


2. Pay attention to diet

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china dental lab warns that wearing made in China Acrylic Denture should not only pay attention to storage and cleaning but also pay attention to the food you eat. Wearing removable dentures is not suitable for eating hard or sticky foods, such as nuts and rice cakes. The point is that although movable dentures are not afraid of heat and irritating food, fragile gums are extremely afraid of irritation. Wearing dentures is already irritating the gums. If they are stimulated by heat again, the oral discomfort will double again.


3. Storage Note


china dental lab reminds you that many people think that made in China Acrylic Denture should be washed before wearing, so the concept of storage is more casual, sometimes just put it on the table, or use a cloth or paper towel. These practices will cause the dentures to be exposed to dry conditions for a long time, which is prone to cracking and deformation. After deformation, it will no longer fit the user’s mouth so well, and even the oral mucosa will be injured.


4. Regular replacement


made in China Acrylic Denture is not a pair that can be used for life. As the time of use increases, the material ages and wears out. Also, because it cannot relieve the atrophy of the alveolar bone, the dentures will begin to loosen. Check if it needs to be replaced.


5. Wear overnight


china dental lab reminds that when you go to bed at night, remember to remove the Acrylic Denture and store it in water or special liquid medicine, which can better protect the movable dentures, and at the same time, it can also prevent the dentures from accidentally falling off and hindering breathing when sleeping at night. Every year There will be cases where the elderly accidentally swallow dentures while sleeping and need to be sent to the hospital for treatment and surgery to remove them.


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