China dental lab tell you what is zirconia crown?

One. What is Zirconia Crown

Zirconia Crown is the latest all-ceramic crown famous in the international dental community. A high-tech cosmetic repairing method for teeth developed in recent years is made through computer-aided design, laser scanning, and grinding under computer program control.

The aesthetics of the Zirconia Crown in dental design should be its greatest strength. The Realistic Zirconia Crown replaces the tooth and can be shaped to look better than it will be returned.

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Two. Zirconia Crown Pros

1. Excellent aesthetic effect

Successful Zirconia Crown restorations are realistic and beautiful in appearance, strong and wear-resistant, with a color similar to natural teeth, easy to clean, and can restore the function of the teeth and have a cosmetic effect. Especially for patients with high aesthetic requirements, pay more attention to the advantage of natural color because this makes the restoration and healthy teeth seamless and difficult to distinguish.


2. The most reliable

If the dentures inlaid in the mouth are porcelain crowns containing metal, they will be affected or removed when a cranial X-ray, CT, and MRI examination is required. The non-metallic zirconium dioxide does not block the x-ray. As long as the Zirconia Crown is inserted, it is not necessary to remove the dentures when the head x-ray, CT and MRI are required in the future, which saves a lot of trouble.


3. Good biocompatibility

As a high-tech biomaterial, Zirconia Crown porcelain teeth are excellent. Good biocompatibility, superior to various metal alloys, including gold. Realistic Zirconia Crown is non-irritating and non-allergic to the gums. It is very suitable for oral application, avoiding the allergy, irritation, corrosion, and other adverse reactions caused by metal in the oral cavity.


4. Reduce wear and tear

Compared with other all-ceramic restoration materials, China Zirconia Crown porcelain dental material has the advantage in strength. Doctors can achieve high strength without grinding the patient’s natural teeth too much. It is known as ceramic steel.


5. High quality

Zirconium dioxide porcelain teeth have incredibly high quality. It is said that the high quality is not only because of its materials and expensive equipment, but also because it uses the most advanced computer-aided design, laser scanning, and then controlled by computer programs. Perfection.


6. Oral cleaning

There is no metal odor in the mouth, no corrosion, no stimulation of the pulp nerve due to the alternation of cold and heat, excellent biocompatibility, and long-lasting durability. Can withstand high-strength bite force, prevent breakage, and is solid and durable.


7. Biosecurity

Zirconia for dental use is excellent in terms of biosafety. Many experiments and clinical cases have proved that Zirconia has no toxic damage to bone and soft tissue cells. There were no reports of allergic reactions.


8. High-tech quality

LOYAL BEAUTY Zirconia Crown uses the world’s most advanced computer-aided design, laser scanning and finally is produced by computer-aided program control grinding, showing the noble and luxurious quality.

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Three. Precautions for Zirconia Crown


  1. Patients with mild discomfort when wearing Zirconia Crown for the first time should practice using it patiently and gradually adapt to it.
  2. You should eat soft food when you first wear it and then eat regular food after getting used to it.
  3. If zirconia crowns are to be repaired for vital pulp teeth, it is necessary to avoid eating too cold and hot food to avoid irritation. You can normally eat after about two weeks.
  4. Zirconia Crown will crumble under pressure beyond its stress range, so don’t bite into hard foods like walnuts.
  5. The occlusal relationship may change after wearing the zirconia crown. Eat slowly and adapt gradually to avoid biting the buccal and tongue mucosa.
  6. The junction between Zirconia Crown and abutment teeth can quickly accumulate plaque and form calculus. You should pay attention to keeping your mouth clean and develop the habit of brushing your teeth after meals. You can use dental floss to clean your teeth, and you should go to the hospital to check and clean your teeth regularly.

Thousands of people have favored zirconium dioxide all-ceramic teeth. This high-quality ceramic material will become the trend for cosmetic restoration of teeth in the future.

Four. Do Zirconia Crown Prep Abutment Requirements

  1. Anterior teeth: incisal grinding about 2.0 mm, lingual grinding about 1.5 mm to prepare a 360-degree shoulder with a width of about 1 mm, and an axial jaw angle of 2 degrees to 5 degrees;
  2. Posterior teeth: maxillofacial grinding of about 2.0 mm (2.0 mm on the working side, about 1.5 mm on the non-working side), 1.5 mm on the buccal and lingual side to prepare a 360-degree shoulder with a width of about 1.0 mm, and an axial jaw angle of 2 degrees -5 degrees;
  3. Veneer: The key to preparing and positioning the enamel part is to have a transition step at the lingual incisal edge and make sure that the edge of the action is not in the wear area of ​​​​the bite. The range of the incisal preparation is about 1–1.5 mm. The surface is about 1.2–1.5 mm, and the shoulder preparation angle of the neck part is approximately 10-30 degrees.

Zirconia Crown Denture

Five. Why Dentists Ask for a Zirconia Crown

Having clean and beautiful teeth is one of the top ten health for modern people, one of the status symbols, and one of the manifestations of a noble quality of life. Porcelain teeth have been a fast and effective restoration for a long time. A method of teeth, but the metal ions of metal porcelain teeth will have adverse reactions to the human body, such as black gums, bleeding gums, and shrinkage.


Due to the existence of the metal inner crown, the light transmittance, color, and shape are quite different from those of natural teeth, and it will produce a blue-gray effect under the light. At the same time, metal-porcelain teeth are unstable under the action of bacteria in the liquid oral acid-base environment, and metal has specific interference when patients are doing CT MRI. Therefore, the dental medical community has worked hard to change this state.


Popular in the international dental industry is a new type of porcelain teeth without a metal inner crown – The zirconia Crown series. Thousands of people have favored zirconium dioxide all-ceramic teeth. China LOYAL BEAUTY Zirconia Crown, a high-quality ceramic material, will indeed become the trend for cosmetic restoration of teeth in the future.


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