China dental lab: What are the advantages and steps of invisible aligners?

If the teeth are not aligned enough, the exposed teeth are more serious, and the teeth grow more serious, such teeth are more ugly. Through invisible aligners, you can let your teeth be treated with aligners, which can make the teeth grow more align. This will make it look more beautiful. Therefore, if your teeth are misaligned, you must choose the right aligner as soon as possible.


What are the advantages of invisible aligners?


1. Almost completely invisible

For patients with uneven teeth, invisible aligners can basically be completely invisible, so that it will not affect the appearance. There is also no stab wound to the patient’s gums, including the tongue and vestibular mucosa. Because the stimulation is relatively small, it is relatively more comfortable, it is relatively convenient to wear and remove, and it is more convenient to clean one’s own oral hygiene.


2. It can reduce the number of patient visits

For doctors in China, using such invisible aligners not only has advantages in aesthetics, but also pre-aligns teeth and reduces the number of times. This is not only beneficial to the patient, but also reduces the doctor’s work intensity, and it is relatively easier to operate when repairing in the later stage, so this kind of orthosis is more recognized by doctors and patients.


3. will not affect oral discomfort

Since China invisible aligners do not use metal wires to tighten the teeth, it will not affect the discomfort in the patient’s mouth, will not cause wear and tear, and can reduce pain when fixed. Especially during the treatment, it can be taken off and eaten at any time, and it is also very convenient to brush and shave some of the teeth during the treatment, which is particularly convenient during the entire treatment.

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What are the corrective steps?


First of all, the doctor of China dental lab LOYAL BEAUTY should first give the patient a comprehensive examination, and then make a model according to the examination, taking X-rays or taking pictures. Reasonable design, the design will involve the patient’s problems in tooth extraction, because the severe jaw type needs to be matched with the corresponding surgery, so as to achieve better results.


Secondly, the dentist will choose a suitable orthodontic appliance for the patient who receives invisible aligners and will install it in a method suitable for the patient. After all, everyone’s teeth are different. Doctor China LOYAL BEAUTY is in When choosing the aligner installation, we must fully consider the actual situation of the patient’s teeth to choose the aligner that is more suitable for the patient.


Third, patients can go home after the invisible aligners are installed, because the entire correction process takes longer and does not require hospitalization. The general correction time is about two years, and some even longer. Of course, throughout the long correction process, it is necessary to visit the hospital regularly for examination. Because there will be loosening during the entire orthodontic process, or the aligner will be replaced, only by frequent inspections at the hospital, the doctor can adjust or replace the aligner according to your orthodontic condition.


What are the symptoms of invisible orthodontic appliances?


1. Symptoms of crowded teeth

If there is crowding of the teeth, causing the teeth to grow out of the inside and outside, if this situation is not corrected, it will not only lead to cavities but also increase gum disease, especially the appearance is not beautiful, which will seriously affect the appearance. value. Therefore, when the teeth are crowded, it is necessary to correct them through invisible aligners as soon as possible. Generally, the crowded teeth can be corrected in place in about two years, so as to look more beautiful and make the teeth healthier.

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2. Symptoms of excessive interdental space

If the gap between the teeth is too large, especially if it is not corrected, the gap between the teeth will become larger and larger over time, which will not only cause periodontal disease but also affect the appearance. Therefore, when you find that the gap between your teeth is gradually increasing, it is necessary to treat it with orthodontic appliances as soon as possible.


3. Symptoms of staggered occlusion

Dental problems like this are generally caused by the dislocation of the upper and lower jaws. If there is a staggering clenching of the teeth, it will cause tooth wear, gum disease will often occur, and there will also be loose teeth, which will also affect the teeth. image. Therefore, after comprehensive consideration, such a situation should be treated with invisible aligners as soon as possible, so as to get rid of dental diseases as soon as possible and make the teeth more beautiful.


The dental conditions suitable for invisible aligners not only include the above symptoms but also include overbite, crossbite, and other symptoms. No matter which one appears affects the appearance of the teeth and affects the health of the teeth, as long as the correct correction is performed in China dental lab LOYAL BEAUTY, you can get rid of the dental disease as soon as possible and make the teeth more beautiful.


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