China dental lab: What are the advantages of dental metal bracket?

Nowadays, people in China pay more and more attention to their dental health, because only with healthy teeth can we chew more fully when eating, and it is also good for our health. Therefore, when there is a problem with your teeth, you will see your dentist as soon as possible, especially when your teeth fall out, and you will choose a dental metal bracket. However, before choosing, you should know more about this metal bracket, see what advantages it has, and how many choices there are, and then install metal brackets in regular institutions to allow yourself to have beautiful teeth.

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What is a metal dental brace? What metal is it made of?


1. Dental metal bracket

The metal bracket is actually a steel bracket. The ordinary movable dental base is plastic, but the bracket changes the plastic base into a metal material, but the tooth material has not changed. It is still a resin tooth, and the color is very similar to the natural tooth. For example, the advantage of the current stand is that the thickness of the base is relatively thin, and the conventional plastic base is thicker, so it will feel particularly uncomfortable when wearing it, and the thickness of the plastic base must be as thick as two centimeters in the past.


2. What material is used for metal dental braces?

Now the dental metal bracket uses an alloy, which has a relatively high strength and is not easy to break or crack. It can also reflect the advantages of the alloy in terms of aesthetics. For example, the titanium dental brackets used in many dental hospitals are much lighter in weight than ordinary metal brackets, and they are also more beautiful in appearance and can be used for a long time, which is an ideal dental bracket material.


What are the advantages of dental metal bracket?


1. Metal dental braces are comfortable to wear

The dental bracket made of metal is more comfortable to wear, because it is much lighter than the traditional plastic dental bracket in the past, and its thickness is much thinner. The advantage of these two aspects alone, wearing this dental bracket It will feel very comfortable, just like natural teeth. Especially when chewing food, can also chew sufficiently, and may be able to chew relatively hard food.


2. easy to use, beautiful

China dental lab LOYAL BEAUTY is a dental care supplier. The reason why many people are willing to choose its dental metal bracket is that it looks good, and it looks very beautiful after wearing it, which will make you feel very confident. Metal dental brackets, which can be polished on the outside, look like a metal texture, so such a bracket naturally makes many people willing to choose.


3. Metal tooth brackets are strong and durable

Metal tooth brackets are also unsurpassed by other materials in terms of durability. In general, after installing such a tooth bracket, it can be said that it can be used for about 20 years or even longer. People, install it once and can use it for a lifetime.


The characteristics of different metal dental brackets


1. Titanium alloy dental bracket

Although there are different metals in dental metal brackets, titanium alloy dental brackets are a relatively common. Titanium alloy dental brackets have high strength, smooth surface, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. Dental brackets made of titanium alloys can perform mastication in a short period of time without discomfort during the restoration period. If titanium alloy brackets are used to restore missing teeth, there is still good strength, including elasticity. Titanium alloy dental brackets can also help users restore the shape of the teeth, including function, and are also suitable for people who are sensitive to nickel ions and have been widely used in dental hospitals.


2. Pure titanium dental bracket

Due to the good biocompatibility of titanium metal, titanium metal has been widely used in medical and clinical fields. Especially in the field of dental hospitals, it is more widely used, mainly including implants, pure titanium tooth brackets and dentures, and titanium alloy porcelain crowns. Compared with other metal dental brackets, pure titanium dental brackets are not only light in weight, but also high in strength, have no biological toxicity, and do not pollute the environment during the entire production process, so dentists prefer to use this new type of denture material. Patients also prefer pure titanium dental braces.


3. Features of pure titanium dental brackets

The density of pure titanium dental bracket is only 1/2 of that of cobalt-chromium alloy, which can make the patient feel particularly relaxed. The purity of the metal is also relatively high, it has excellent biocompatibility, and it is also superior to other materials in terms of corrosion resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance, and irritation resistance. It also has good compressive strength, and toughness, including ductility, and can penetrate X-rays.


Nowadays, more and more dentists choose China dental metal brackets when using dental brackets, especially those who choose pure titanium dental brackets, or titanium alloy dental brackets. However, if you want to do dental brackets, you must choose a regular dental hospital, and you must choose an experienced doctor to install dental brackets for yourself. China dental lab LOYAL BEAUTY can make you feel particularly comfortable after installation and can play a better chewing effect. nature.


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