China dental lab: Which are safe and reliable among several common teeth whitening methods(2)?

Dental Whitening Stickers

Teeth-whitening strips are elastic patches for whitening teeth that are readily available in life.

The patches contain bleach, such as hydrogen peroxide or amine peroxide (the hydrogen peroxide used in this patch). Because the concentration of bleaching agent in dental sticker is generally not very high, the whitening effect is relatively weak.

Its biggest disadvantage is that the stickers are not tailored for every user. The veneer looks like a piece of scotch tape, and it’s impossible to fit all the tooth shapes. For example, because I have braces, there are some small attachments (protrusions) on the teeth, so it is difficult for the veneers to have a good fit with each tooth. The consequence of not being able to fit is that it may cause uneven tooth color.

Another problem is that the stickers can come into contact with the gums and cause damage to the gum tissue. So when sticking, you should pay attention to avoid sticking to the gums as much as possible.

If the user has oral problems, such as dental caries, periodontal disease, etc., it is likely to aggravate the symptoms when stimulated by the whitening ingredients in the toothpaste.

Although the whitening methods described above have their drawbacks, they are generally safe if applied properly.


Porcelain Crown (Cosmetic Crown)

The three tooth whitening methods just introduced are all chemical whitening methods, which do not cause much damage to the tooth tissue itself. Another type of teeth whitening method requires a large amount of action. It needs to grind off part of the original teeth and then replace them with artificial materials, such as porcelain teeth. This method can be as white as you want, but it will bring the teeth Permanent damage is also self-evident.

The price paid for porcelain teeth purely for cosmetic purposes is often huge (this is different from the regular crown restoration after root canal treatment). No conscientious dentist should recommend this method for teeth whitening.

Porcelain teeth have a certain thickness. To make them neatly arranged on the patient’s teeth, it can only be achieved by grinding healthy tooth tissue a lot. There are many technical problems involved, and a little carelessness can easily lead to a series of subsequent dental problems, such as gingivitis, tooth necrosis, pulpitis, etc., with endless troubles.


Dental Veneers (Porcelain Veneers)

Its principle is to thin the teeth a little bit, and then cover the surface of the teeth with artificial materials to improve the color and shape of the teeth. Dental veneers have a much smaller range of motion than porcelain teeth, but the problem is that they are easy to collapse (after all, they are very thin). However, with the advancement of materials and technology, dental veneers can now have sufficient strength, are not easy to collapse, and can also be firmly bonded to the surface of the teeth and are not easy to fall off.

For tetracycline teeth, fluorosis, enamel dysplasia and other problems that cannot be solved by bleaching, dental veneer is a better solution.


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Can whitening toothpaste whiten teeth?

It doesn’t change tooth color as it only removes superficial stains.

No matter what brand of toothpaste, the main ingredients are the same. They all contain fine friction particles, which can help remove the plaque and exogenous pigments that have recently attached to the surface of the teeth, have a cleaning effect on the teeth, and achieve a certain smoothness. Effect.

Of course, the safest and gentlest way to get your teeth whiter is to choose the right toothpaste! Not only to suppress the smell, but also to clean and whiten. The following toothpaste contains three main whitening ingredients, a combination of physical friction agent + chemical adsorbent, hydrated stone silicon, baking soda, and tetrasodium pyrophosphate. These three whitening ingredients are very mild, even if you have sensitive gums , don’t worry, and grapefruit extract can reduce the formation of bacteria in the mouth, it is more secure to use, even my mouth ulcers have never appeared! The fluoride-free formula can also be used by pregnant women and children~ It is a whitening toothpaste worth trying!

There are often more abrasives in whitening toothpaste, and it is easier to remove the exogenous coloring on the surface of the teeth during the brushing process, but even so, its ability to remove color is still very limited, it cannot change the color of the teeth, and it is far from what we want. desired whitening effect.

If someone feels that their teeth are whiter after brushing, this “whitening effect” is also often very short-lived, and you will soon find that the teeth are back to their original color.

In addition, because the abrasive particles in whitening toothpaste are prone to excessive wear on the teeth, especially in the case of excessive brushing, it may cause tooth sensitivity and gum recession, so it is not recommended for long-term use.


Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning can’t really whiten the teeth, but we’d better do it twice a year.

Dental cleaning can remove plaque and calculus in the mouth, which is an important means to prevent periodontal disease.

Just like brushing with toothpaste, cleaning your teeth is a healthy way to protect your teeth. They are very useful for maintaining oral health, but they are not whitening. Some people have their teeth whitened significantly after cleaning. This is because the cleaning removes the heavily stained calculus and exposes the original color of the teeth. In comparison, they naturally appear much whiter.

With the advancement of technology, there may be more and better ways of teeth whitening in the future. The pursuit of white teeth is understandable, but the health of the teeth itself should not be ignored. Brushing your teeth carefully in the morning and evening, flossing every day, and cleaning your teeth once every six months to a year are hygiene habits worth adhering to for life. You can also carry oral spray with you when you go out to maintain oral hygiene.

If you are still not satisfied with the color of your teeth, you may wish to communicate more with a reliable dentist and listen to their opinions to find the most suitable and safest teeth whitening method for you.


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