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According to china dental lab, people’s views on teeth are different now than in the past. In the past, there were broken teeth, but because the teeth were not covered by medical insurance, they all held the idea of ​​using them as soon as they could be used. It spends a lot of money to repair it, but with the general recognition of appearance, teeth have gradually entered a cosmetic and cosmetic project. Not only that, but many china dental labs have opened related departments. Then one of the more common dental projects is all-ceramic teeth, so today I will briefly talk about All Ceramic Crown Price and the reasons why all-ceramic teeth are needed.

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All Ceramic Crown Price is mainly because of the effect of all-ceramic teeth


1. function one


For china dental lab, in fact, All Ceramic Crown Price is mainly because of everyone’s attention to the beauty of teeth. If some patients have yellow and black teeth due to tetracycline teeth, fluorosis teeth or dead pulp teeth, etc., they often cannot be treated by brushing. Not only that, when the teeth are abnormally developed, for example, the teeth are relatively small, the gap between the teeth is wide, and the teeth are not neat, the enamel is underdeveloped, etc., so that the teeth can be restored to their original shape and shape through the all-ceramic crown. color.


2.role two


If the tooth has been damaged, for example, because the defect is relatively large, or the filling is lost, the tooth is broken, or even because the tooth has undergone root canal treatment, but still has a relatively complete root, even if the tooth is If something is missing, all these problems due to broken teeth can also be dealt with through the all-ceramic crowns of china dental lab.


The specific information of the all-ceramic crown price


1. The effect of all-ceramic crown price


First of all, only high-quality porcelain powder or metal can make better teeth. If you need a better product from All Ceramic Crown Price in china dental lab, it is best to use German porcelain powder, which has a more realistic color and is durable. grind. Similarly, the artistic requirements for doctors in china dental laboratory are quite high. After production, it is necessary to satisfy customers that they can chew normally, and after long-term use, there should be no adverse reactions and no broken porcelain.

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2.the price of different products are also different


Now the All Ceramic Crown Price of china dental laboratory mainly has different standards through different manufacturing processes. For example, casting All Ceramic Crown is cast by centrifugal method. For cast-molded all-ceramic teeth, the crown or bottom crown is made of wax, and then the ring is embedded, and then the wax is removed in a special porcelain furnace, and finally injected into the ring by pressure. If it is the flower of the all-ceramic tooth with plastic paste, it is to apply plastic alumina or zirconia paste on the refractory mold, and finally set it at high temperature. In addition to this, there are two more prices. One is the all-ceramic tooth with computerized porcelain deposition, which is formed by means of computer-aided design and processing and deposition. , and then processed, the semi-finished alumina, etc. are cut and ground into a bottom crown for firing. This is also one of the more commonly used methods by china dental lab dentists.


The reason for the high price of All Ceramic Crown


1. Reason one


The first reason for the high price of All Ceramic Crown from china dental lab is because the material is reliable. Because of its high density and high strength, this all-ceramic tooth does not need to grind the patient’s real teeth too much, and can ensure the integrity of the teeth as much as possible. And there is no metal odor, and air and water will quickly produce an oxide film, which can greatly avoid metal corrosion and prevent metal odor. Even in the face of X-rays, it has quite good perspective and does not affect the imaging effect. It is precisely because of this that it is much more reliable than traditional metal teeth.


2. Reason 2


The All Ceramic Crown of china dental lab has a higher price because its color is closer to natural teeth, it does not stimulate the oral tissue, and it is easier to clean, which can not only restore the function of the teeth, but also have a cosmetic effect. And there will be no black lines on the neck of the teeth. These are all metal-porcelain teeth and there is no way to compare them.


There is a reason for the high price of All Ceramic Crown. After all, for patients, it is the best choice to be able to solve a bad tooth once and for all. Traditional metal teeth often have a certain impact on many radiation work, and can also produce allergic reactions. , which will interfere with all clinical work inspections. Therefore, this kind of porcelain teeth is also the best choice for porcelain teeth in China.


Although china dental lab all-ceramic crowns are very easy to use, we also need to do a few things when using them. First, we need to do oral hygiene maintenance, and secondly, we need the size of the all-ceramic crown, which needs to be done through dental outsourcing.After the doctor is sure, decide whether to install an all-ceramic crown, and you need to review it regularly to confirm that your teeth are not in any abnormal condition! china outsourcing dental lab Loyal Beauty, you are welcome to inquire about dental related questions at any time


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