china dental laboratory:What services can Clear Aligner supplier provide?

The Clear Aligner supplier of china dental laboratory can bring people transparent aligners for orthodontics. Traditional orthodontics are not only unsightly but also bring trouble to the lives of some orthodontists. With the help of transparent aligners, The birth of the toothbrush not only straightens the teeth without affecting normal life and rest but also greatly improves the aesthetics of wearing. Let’s follow the china dental lab to learn about this Clear Aligner.


What materials are used by Clear Aligner suppliers to make


1. Transparent resin


The technology of china dental lab was born abroad. It uses transparent ClearX resin and uses 3D printing technology to manufacture tooth aligners. In people’s impression, the resin is very hard, and it is also easy to yellow. It will not be comfortable in the mouth, and the technology of high-end materials is developing very fast. This resin transparent aligner will become soft after wearing it in the mouth, and then grab and fix the dislocated teeth, and the appropriate fit allows The user not feel pain, thus providing a corrective effect.




The aligners in the china dental lab are made of many different types of materials, such as polypropylene, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, etc. These are all polymer materials with different effects and comfort. But the common point is that the aligners produced by china dental laboratory are not so hard but not very soft. After all, if they are as soft as soft silicone, they will not be able to correct them.


3.Dental film


There are also many Clear Aligner supplier products on china dental lab that use aligners made of dental film material. This kind of finished product is also more comfortable to wear, with high transparency, easy to clean and wear.

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The production process of Clear Aligner supplier


1.Customized order


For customers in need in china dental laboratory, they need to consult Clear Aligner supplier and then place an order. The two parties will negotiate the cost, product model, delivery date and other matters, and will sign a formal contract.




The production process of china dental laboratory requires customers to provide dental molds, and then Chinese suppliers conduct 5D or 7D manufacturing based on dental molds, and the materials for production also need to be determined according to the customer’s choice.


3.Delivery and after-sales


After the Clear Aligner supplier of dental outsourcing has made the product, it is the delivery stage. After the customer receives the goods, it will be checked and accepted. If there is any problem, it needs to enter the after-sales service link. For example, if it is not artificial damage, then some suppliers will provide The replacement service depends on the quality of the service. If there is no problem, then you can pay the balance. Of course, this is only an approximate process. Different manufacturers and customers have different agreements, and the specific situation is analyzed in detail.


How to choose Clear Aligner supplier


1. Look at the qualifications


As long as the qualifications of the Clear Aligner supplier are complete, the products produced are guaranteed to be qualified. In fact, the issue of comfort is because each user has different perceptions, so some people must feel that it is nothing to use, but some people feel uncomfortable wearing the product It is even unbearable. In fact, these have nothing to do with the qualifications of dental outsourcing suppliers. As long as there are qualifications and certifications, users can choose with confidence.


2. Look at the technology


Clear Aligner supplier’s technology is very important, and now with the continuous updating of technology, the aligner has become better and better, not only beautiful without affecting the image, but also more and more comfortable, all of which stem from the improvement of technology , that is to say, the better the china dental laboratory supplier in terms of technology, the more quality the products that can be provided to customers.

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3. Look at the service


We all know that whether it is a manufacturer or a seller, no matter what kind of customer they are facing, they belong to the service industry, so as a dental outsourcing supplier, the same is true, whether it is in the procurement of customized solutions or in after-sales. The excellent service is indispensable for customers, so that they can be more assured and have no worries when choosing.


In fact, a good product is a savior for patients who need orthodontic treatment. As long as they use it consistently, they can have an ideal orthodontic effect. The only thing worth noting, many people may not be so comfortable when they use it when they come, and there will be sore mouth, drooling, etc., but it is not serious or long-lasting.


Many people do not dare to show their smiles confidently because their teeth are not beautiful enough. They have been feeling inferior for a long time. However, the overall adjustment of teeth is not only expensive but also very painful in the process and post-maintenance. The traditional method of orthodontics is not beautiful enough. Fortunately, there is a transparent pair of teeth. The aligner allows many people’s teeth to become beautiful silently without others noticing and regain a confident smile. And all this is thanks to the reliable Clear Aligner supplier of china dental lab, because only reliable products are effective and harmless, which makes people feel at ease.


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