China Dental Labs: Frequently Asked Questions When Designing Dental

How can I get a complete dental design case?

china dental lab will use a 3D animation design scheme to see the movement of teeth in advance during dental design.

When you find a reliable orthodontist, in addition to a comprehensive oral examination and X-rays, there is an important step, silicone rubber impression taking (or 3D oral scan) to obtain a three-dimensional digital model of the oral cavity.

The china dental lab then cuts each virtual tooth in the 3D digital model into individual teeth that can be manipulated individually.

Finally, the medical designer will simulate the correction process on the computer according to the correction plan provided by the doctor, and finally, get the 3D animation design we see.


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What information is included in the dental design plan?


1. Initial bit and target bit


In the 3D animation design scheme, the initial position refers to the original position of the teeth, and the target position is the ideal state that may be achieved after orthodontic treatment. The reached location may be slightly different from the target location.

The process of moving teeth in the middle is our animation design scheme, which can be achieved by pulling teeth, slicing, pasting attachments, etc.


2. Calibration steps and cycles


“How long to wear braces” is a question that many dental friends are very concerned about. With the 3D animation design scheme, the time to remove the braces can be directly estimated. Of course, the actual wearing time may change due to various unexpected situations during the wearing process, such as tooth decay, the careless wearing of braces, poor exercise, etc. Therefore, the actual time we need to wear braces may differ from the estimated time.


3. Tooth deformities


It allows you to clearly see the situation in your mouth, whether there are dental problems such as malocclusion, crowding, large gaps, and sparse dentition, which is much more intuitive than looking for a mirror yourself. If your problem is a deep overbite, then you should pay attention to the time to open the bite; if your problem is that the gap between the teeth is large, you must pay attention to the time of hand-seaming; if there is a problem of crowded teeth, you must pay attention to the choice of extraction or slice.


4. Extract or slice information


Once these dental problems are identified, the next step is to fix the problem and get the teeth back in place. Most orthodontic solutions may use extractions or slices to make sure the teeth have enough room to move. With the 3D animation design scheme, we can clearly see the position of tooth extraction, or sliced ​​teeth, the time and number of slices, and make a better evaluation of the correction plan.


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