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Whether it is crooked teeth, too large gaps between the teeth, uneven teeth, and crowded teeth, these dental problems are not only prone to different dental diseases but also more unsightly. When these situations arise, Orthodontics should be performed as soon as possible. Generally, after straightening, you can gradually get better and better, especially if you can straighten for about two years, you can basically have healthy and beautiful teeth.


What are the methods of Orthodontics?


1. General dental deformity correction

This kind of Orthodontics is generally used in China to select suitable orthodontic treatment according to some deformities of the teeth and faces of people in different regions, and it is aimed at some teenagers. When choosing aligners, they will choose according to the convenience. For example, it can be divided into fixed appliances and functional appliances. Dental appliances generally take longer to wear. But as long as you choose something that suits you and wear something that can be invisible, not only will it not affect your normal life, but it will also not affect your appearance.

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2. Corrective measures of preventive methods

Preventive orthodontic correction generally refers to taking preventive measures before the occurrence of dental deformities. The purpose of prevention is to make it more and more serious, because more and more serious, it will be more complicated in the process of treatment and treatment methods, so early prevention can avoid the occurrence of teeth and deformities.


3. Surgical Orthodontics

Among the methods of China Orthodontics, surgical correction is also a good method, that is, after the completion of growth and development, if there is a severe bony frontal deformity, since the effect is achieved only by the orthodontic device is not good, surgery can be used first. The way to correct the teeth, and then choose to use the aligner to correct the teeth, through this two-pronged method can achieve a better effect of straightening the teeth.


The different techniques for straightening teeth


1. Bracket-free invisible correction technology

This Orthodontics technology is based on the actual situation of each person and can complete the correction of dental deformities through a series of personalized transparent aligners. It is relatively beautiful, the positioning is also very accurate, and it is easier to clean. In fact, this technology is an improvement on the basis of the original traditional braces correction. In addition to the advantages of transparency, the correction time is also shorter than the traditional correction.


2. Lingual braces correction technology

This kind of tooth correction technology is relatively small in our country. The reason is that the operational requirements of dental doctors are relatively higher, the technical difficulty is higher, and the cost is relatively higher, so it is still an immature technology in China. In addition, there are relatively few successful cases, and there are relatively few doctors who can do this kind of correction. Therefore, although the effect of this technology is relatively good, it must be studied abroad. However, because this technology can correct the effect better, this technology will become a method of teeth correction that many people are willing to choose in a few years.


3. Traditional braces correction technology

Although the traditional braces correction technology is a bit backward, it is relatively uncomfortable during the whole correction process, but its price is relatively cheaper, so there are more choices of this type of correction technology at present. The traditional braces correction mainly sticks the nails on the surface of the teeth and fastens the steel wire on the nails. The teeth are moved through the steel wire, and the teeth can be rearranged. For some people whose teeth are not aligned enough, this method can achieve a relatively good correction effect. In addition, it is easy to operate and relatively economical, so it is especially suitable for the general public.

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The best age for teeth straightening


1. deciduous stage

China Orthodontics should choose the appropriate age to get twice the result with half the effort. The 4-5 years old belong to the deciduous tooth stage. If there is a blemish, early correction is more conducive to the development of the maxilla and can prevent permanent cross teeth. jaw. Especially when the child has bad habits such as sticking out the tongue or biting the lip, it should be corrected at this stage, which can better prevent the occurrence of the wrong forehead.


2 .stages of mixed dentition

Girls are generally 8-10 years old, and boys are 9-12 years old, if, at this stage, it has been found that the child has some bad habits such as sticking out the tongue, biting the lip, and protruding the lower jaw, especially the appearance of facial shape and abnormal arrangement of teeth, etc. In the case of this aspect, it is necessary to go to the hospital in time to find a regular professional doctor for examination. When it is determined that dental, functional, and bony malocclusion has occurred, it is necessary to formulate a plan as soon as possible to correct it prematurely.


3. Permanent dentition stage

In the permanent dentition stage, girls are generally 11-14 years old and boys are 13-15 years old. At this time, the child’s teeth have been replaced, and the bones are basically shaped, like some common dental deformities. This stage can be carried out very well. Corrective treatment, and can achieve better results.


Orthodontics must be done as early as possible, especially when it is found that children have many bad habits related to teeth, as a parent, we must pay attention. When correcting teeth, choose China dental lab LOYAL BEAUTY for correction, you can achieve the effect you want!


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