China dental outsourcing: What are the categories of acrylic denture? How to care?

Dentures are actually what we usually call dentures. Dentures are made of a variety of materials. Some materials are relatively hard, and some materials are less hard. The installation of dentures is beautiful and has a strong chewing function, so once the teeth are missing, it is necessary to install the dentures as soon as possible. There are many types of dentures, and an acrylic denture is also a relatively common one. The reason why many people are willing to use this kind of denture is that it has more obvious advantages in many aspects.


What are the classifications of acrylic dentures?


1. Fixed dentures

This kind of acrylic denture means that there are relatively healthy teeth on both sides of the missing teeth. The natural teeth on one or both sides are used as abutments, and a denture retainer is directly made on the abutment, which can be directly connected with artificial teeth. As a whole, the denture can be directly cemented to the abutment through cement. This type of denture cannot be removed and is relatively inconvenient to use. This kind of denture mainly has a fixed bridge, including a fixed bridge body and a connecting body to complement each other.

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2. Complete dentures

In China, dentures are composed of two parts: base and artificial teeth, and according to different materials, they are generally divided into conventional full dentures and implant full dentures, conventional full dentures, and plastic estuary dentures, including casting. Full dentures, full dentures, etc.


3. Removable partial dentures

This kind of denture is mainly made of the material of dentures, and then combined with natural teeth for installation, which is the mutual leverage of the two, so this kind of denture can be directly installed when it is usually used. If you don’t chew food, especially at night. It can be easily taken off. Especially when you want to clean it, it is more convenient, so this kind of denture is a type that is used more frequently.


The color of dentures


1. Color requirements

The color of acrylic denture is relatively close to the color of natural teeth, and it is also relatively close to metal teeth including ceramic teeth. Especially during installation, it will be compared with the patient’s natural teeth before installation, and the color should be as close to the natural teeth as possible so that after installation, the two teeth cannot be visually distinguished from the color difference.


2. The tooth shape should be in line with the patient’s tooth shape

Because patients will install dentures according to their own teeth when installing dentures. Especially choose materials such as acrylic for dentures, because this material has higher hardness and better gloss than it, and it will match your own tooth shape, so that you will feel very light after the denture is installed. It is also more beautiful in appearance, and it is similar to natural teeth in terms of chewing ability.

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How to care for the dentures after installation?


1. Remove the denture to clean the surface

If a complete denture is installed, it needs to be removed directly, which makes it easier to remove things to clean the surface. However, when cleaning the surface, choose some softer toothbrushes, or special cleaning toothbrushes, so that when cleaning, not only can it be cleaned, but it will not hurt the dentures. In terms of cleaning time selection, generally choose to clean and protect the surface of dentures after meals or before going to bed at night.


2. Soak clean dentures

When cleaning dentures, just use clean water, such as tap water, or cold boiled water, as long as the water is clean, pour the water directly into a bowl or other container, and try to use as much water as possible for the dentures. When soaking, you can choose to put your full dentures in the prepared clean water directly before going to bed, soak them overnight, shake them with your hands a few times the next day, and then rinse them with clean water. Can.


3. What should I do if the bonding is unstable?

When caring for acrylic denture, the adhesion of dentures is often not stable enough. For example, it is easy to fall off when wearing dentures, and it is easy to cause confusion to one’s own gums. When chewing food, especially some hard food, it is easy to twist. In this case, you can go directly to China LOYAL BEAUTY and ask them to fix it. Of course, the current dentures are not a one-time-for-all, especially if you don’t pay attention to protection when you eat and like to eat some hard nuts, including chewing some bones, it is easy to cause excessive wear and tear. In this case, dentures need to be remade, because there must be some denture materials that have a limited service life, and generally need to be replaced every 5 years or so.


Among the denture materials, acrylic denture is a kind of material that is more wear-resistant, more beautiful in appearance, and more affordable, so there are more people who choose it. The dentures made by China dental outsourcing LOYAL BEAUTY are in line with your own tooth shape so that you can chew hard food when you use them, and they can be used for a long time and look natural and beautiful.


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