China dental outsourcing: What are the types of removable denture? Is the price expensive?

Teeth are particularly important to a person. Whether it is young people who have lost teeth for various reasons or the elderly, it will affect chewing and also affect appearance. Therefore, when teeth fall out, no matter what kind of situation is caused, they will all be affected. Use removable dentures as soon as possible. If you need to install dentures, you should know more about the types and prices before installation, and then choose to install dentures.


What types of removable dentures are there?


1. Metal holder removable denture

The movable denture made of a metal bracket is a thin metal plate on the upper jaw. Commonly used metal materials are mainly pure titanium, and titanium alloy and some will choose cobalt-chromium alloy metal support and nickel-chromium alloy metal support. The denture metal bracket made of these metals not only lasts for a long time but also because of its brighter appearance and higher aesthetics, it is more suitable for young people or old people.

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2. Plastic dentures

This kind of denture is made of plastic, and it is a whole piece of plastic. This kind of denture is more convenient for later modification and has better plasticity. The price is also lower than that of metal, so many people are willing to choose. A sort of. However, some patients will feel a strong foreign body sensation after choosing this denture because its thickness is greater than that of metal dentures, and it takes a period of time to get used to it.


3. Plastic cast mesh denture

This removable denture is based on the original entrustment, and a layer of metal mesh is added. This kind of denture increases a lot in terms of strength and is slightly thinner than the original thickness. When wearing it, it feels obvious. The foreign body sensation is reduced. Therefore, this kind of denture is also a kind of denture that many people are willing to wear at present, and the price is relatively reasonable.


What are the advantages of removable dentures?


1. have good mobility

Today’s dentures are a more common type of tooth restoration, but in order to be more comfortable to wear, the current dentures are a way of activity. convenient. For example, when you take your lunch break or go to bed at night, you can take it off directly. After eating, in order to keep your teeth clean and your mouth clean, you can take it off for cleaning. Because it belongs to a kind of movable denture, it is particularly convenient and simple in the whole use process.


2. It has the function of protecting teeth

When using removable dentures, it should not only reflect its practicality, but also play a role in protecting teeth, because it is different from full dentures. While reflecting the function of dentures, they can also protect other teeth. For its mobility and practicality, including its ability to protect other teeth, dentures are worth installing.

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What factors are related to the price of dentures?


1. Different oral conditions, different prices

When doing removable dentures, you must first perform a hygiene inspection on the oral cavity, as well as other inspections. Therefore, different oral hygiene conditions, including other differences, will also directly affect the price. If there is inflammation in your oral cavity thorough inspection, then you need to treat the inflammation first. When the inflammation is cured, you can do dentures, so the price of denture installation will be increased invisibly. For example, the inflammation is not particularly serious. Since it can be cured quickly, the relative cost is less. If the inflammation is relatively severe, such as severe periodontitis, it will take a period of time to treat, which will increase the price of dentures.


2. The price of dentures and denture materials will vary greatly

The price of a removable denture is also directly related to the material selected. Since there are many kinds of materials for dentures, at present, there are resin materials, including different metal materials, like some removable denture materials. Especially like metal materials, some prices are more expensive, and some prices are average. If you want to install dentures and metal dentures, the materials you choose are more expensive, and the price will increase a lot.


3. Prices vary by hospital

When installing dentures in China, different hospitals are selected, and there will also be a certain difference in price. Therefore, there will be a lot of difference in price between county hospitals and city hospitals. In addition, the price of choosing a professional doctor to do dentures for you will be much higher, so the price of dentures is not easy to determine because it is related to many factors.


When a tooth is missing, in order to look good on your teeth and chew more fully, you should choose a removable denture material that suits you at an approved hospital as soon as possible. China dental lab LOYAL BEAUTY allows you to install dentures as soon as possible so that you can look younger, and you can fully smash food when chewing, so you can enjoy the joy of food, and it is also good for your health.


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