China dental outsourcing: What dental symptoms are all-ceramic crown suitable for?

Teeth are very important to each of us. Whether it is tooth decay or tooth loss caused by other aspects, when your teeth fall out, you should install an all-ceramic crown as soon as possible to make your teeth more complete. , so that not only the chewing function can be reflected, but also more beautiful.


What are the classifications of all-ceramic crown?


1. Glass-ceramics

The glass-ceramic all-ceramic crowns include not only hot-die-cast porcelain crowns but also glass-infiltrated porcelain crowns. The technology used is relatively advanced, and by grinding into glass-ceramic crowns, the overall appearance is better, and its hardness is relatively high. , like an ordinary person in their sixties and seventies, after installing it, they don’t need a second installation in their lifetime.

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2. Alumina, zirconia all-ceramic teeth

This kind of all-ceramic crown is also ground through advanced technology to complete the inner crown of alumina and zirconia, and this technology is made of layered porcelain, and the outer layer of decorative porcelain is added, and the effect produced is relatively It looks good and has a long service life, so this kind of tooth is also one that different age groups are willing to choose, and the price is not expensive.


How do identify all-ceramic crown?


1. Ceramic teeth of glass ceramics

When identifying, first look at its color, the color should reflect the beauty, but also reflect the translucent effect. However, in terms of shading effect and strength, it is slightly worse. It is more suitable for single implants in the aesthetic area of ​​anterior teeth, or for short fixed bridge restorations, which can achieve better results.


2. Alumina, zirconia all-ceramic teeth

Alumina zirconia all-ceramic teeth are relatively strong, can be used for a longer time, and have a good refraction effect. They are more suitable for crowns in the posterior area and for the restoration of relatively long fixed bridges, including severe discoloration of the anterior teeth. Especially the functional area of ​​the back teeth can better restore the masticatory function through use, so this kind of teeth is relatively recognized by the user.


What are the indications for the all-ceramic crown?


1. Can repair discolored teeth

For example, some people will cause discoloration of their teeth due to long-term smoking, some people will have yellow roots due to soil and water reasons, or their teeth will be rotten and fall off, so they can directly choose the all-ceramic crown. When you use this kind of teeth, you can keep chewing and function very well, and the aesthetics can also be reflected incisively and vividly.


2. Repair tooth defects

Whether it is a defect caused by a tooth decay or a tooth defect caused by trauma, it can be repaired by the all-ceramic crown. The restored tooth looks like a natural tooth, not only beautiful but also has a strong chewing function.

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3. Repair dentition defect

If your dentition is missing, no matter what age group you are, if you lose your teeth, it will affect your image, and it will affect your chewing more seriously. For the sake of beauty and health, you can also choose to use all-ceramic crown.


4. Close the interdental space

The all-ceramic crown can also be used to close gaps that are too large because if the gaps are too large, situations like this can look unsightly. Especially the teeth like the front door face, if there is too much gap between the teeth, it will especially affect the appearance. Therefore, whether it is a man or a woman, as long as it affects their own image, they should choose repair as soon as possible so that they can have good-looking teeth.


 What are the reasons for the different prices of all-ceramic crown?


1. Different hospitals have different prices

Although the all-ceramic crown is made of the same material, there are big differences in price depending on the hospitals chosen in China. For example, compared with hospitals in Beijing and general cities, there will be a big gap in price. Therefore, if you want to make yourself spend less money, have strong chewing ability after installation, and can reflect the beauty, you must choose a hospital according to your own economy, so that you can have satisfactory teeth.


2. Different doctors have different prices

When repairing teeth in China, I still go to the hospital to see other diseases. Different doctors also have different prices. For example, when an expert-level doctor installs an all-ceramic crown, there will also be a big difference in price. Generally, compared with some large cities and small counties, the price will generally differ by half.


3. Oral problems can also cause different prices

If there is no inflammation in the oral cavity, the relative cost will be lower. If there are many oral diseases, such as severe periodontitis and other oral diseases, the all-ceramic crown needs to be installed again. For the treatment of oral inflammation, the installation can only be carried out after the treatment, which will take longer, and its cost will also increase further.


Teeth are very important to us. Teeth not only make us look better but their chewing ability cannot be ignored. In order to be healthy, when your teeth fall out and other problems occur, you need to install an all-ceramic crown, and you should do it as soon as possible. Especially in order to make your teeth look better and last longer, choose a regular medical institution, China dental lab LOYAL BEAUTY, they are more advanced in technology and provide themselves with higher quality dentures, which are not prone to problems after installation , it is worth choosing.


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