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What is dental implant


china denture laboratory said that china dental implant is also called artificial dental implant, including the lower supporting implant and the upper dental restoration. Implants made of artificial materials are implanted into the alveolar bone of the edentulous area as an artificial tooth root, and then the missing teeth are repaired on this basis.


china dental implant has become an ideal restoration method for more and more edentulous patients with its advantages of sturdiness, beauty, comfort and durability. Oral implant technology has been introduced into China for many years and has become very mature. Because the artificial teeth are deeply implanted in the alveolar bone, they can withstand normal chewing force, and their function and appearance are almost the same as natural teeth. Therefore, they are called the third set of human teeth.


Dental implant is a medical technology to solve the problem of missing teeth; china dental implant can be roughly divided into two parts, namely the implant and the crown. The artificial implant is first implanted on the alveolar bone (the horseshoe-shaped bone with long teeth). The body (equivalent to the root of a tooth); then an artificial crown (the part that is exposed to the naked eye in the mouth) is attached to the implant to replace the missing tooth.

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What is the difference between dental implants and porcelain teeth and removable dentures


  1. Porcelain teeth are artificial dentures made and installed on the basis of existing roots or teeth. The biggest feature is that the dentures are fixed and cannot be removed by themselves. The biggest difference between china dental implant and china dental implant is that implant teeth need to implant artificial denture roots on the alveolar bone, while porcelain teeth use their existing teeth or roots.
  2. The biggest feature of mobile dentures in china denture laboratory is the word “activity”, which means a kind of dentures that can be removed or put on by oneself. The biggest difference from dental implants is that dental implants are fixed. Remove.
  3. How is china dental implant done

Dental implants are generally divided into two steps:


  1. Surgically implant implants on the alveolar bone (equivalent to re-implanting the root of the tooth); connect and install an artificial crown on the implant that has healed with the jawbone to perform the function of the tooth.
  2. The second step belongs to the repair part, which belongs to the surgical part of china dental implant. At present, the dental implant department has become a separate department, and both steps can be completed in the implant department.


What are the types of dental implants


The classification of dental implants is complicated, and there is no unified classification system at present; the commonly used classifications are classified according to the different implants, mainly including:


1. According to the sub-division of china dental implant implantation site

Intraosseous implants, subperiosteal implants, intradental implants, intramucosal implants, penetrating mandibular implants.


2. Classification according to implant morphology

Leaf, column, cylindrical, spiral.


3. According to the surgical method

One-stage (the china dental implant is installed directly on top of the denture crown). Two-stage (there is also a structure between the implant and the denture crown, called the connector).


4. The planting time, it can be divided into

Immediate implantation (immediate implantation after tooth extraction) and delayed implantation (implantation after tooth extraction about 4 to 6 months). Currently, intraosseous implants are mostly used in clinical practice. They are columnar or threaded columnar, and two-stage implants adopt delayed implantation.


5. Preoperative preparation

After meeting the implantation conditions, the doctor will generally customize a detailed implantation plan based on the patient’s oral conditions and physical conditions, and the patient should also make adequate preparations.


The service life of china dental implant is not only related to the doctor’s technique, but also the maintenance and maintenance after implantation also affects the service life. Therefore, patients should take regular oral care to prevent infection, and should be checked and maintained by professional dentists on a regular basis according to doctor’s orders. Floss daily to clean the spaces between your teeth so that you can get a long-lasting dental implant.


6. How long does the implant treatment take

Implant treatment can generally be divided into three stages: preoperative preparation, implant placement surgery, and implant denture restoration.


Pre-treatment preparation stage: carry out systematic specialist examinations, such as X-rays, blood tests, etc., formulation of implant treatment plans and series of preparations. It will take days.


Operation time: The china dental implant operation is usually performed under local anesthesia and usually takes 1-several hours. On the day of the operation, the patient should eat normally before the operation, and eat soft food and liquid after the operation. After surgery, you should take medicines, follow-up visits, and keep your mouth clean, and remove stitches within 7 to 10 days after surgery.


Postoperative repair: 3 to 6 months after surgery. Second-stage surgery is performed first, followed by impression taking, denture fabrication, and tooth-wearing. Treatment generally takes 2 to 3 weeks.

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what are the advantages of dental implants

1. Can prevent the absorption of alveolar bone


After a tooth is lost, the resorption of the alveolar bone will proceed rapidly and the jawbone will shrink significantly. china dental implant can make the bone around the alveolar bone stronger, reduce absorption, and maintain the function of the alveolar bone.


2.No damage to other teeth


A filling procedure, like the bypass method, must scrape off two healthy teeth on either side of the tooth, which reduces the life of the tooth. Dental implants are performed independently and therefore do not adversely affect surrounding teeth.


3. Restore chewing power


If the maximum chewing ability of healthy natural teeth is regarded as 100, the chewing force of partial dentures is 15-20, the chewing force of complete dentures is 10-15, and the strength of artificial implants can be exerted to 80-90.


4. Restore the taste when chewing


When using china denture laboratory dentures, the dentures rest on the gums, the chewing force is much reduced, and it is difficult to feel the taste. Artificial dental implants are implanted in the alveolar bone, and you can feel the taste when chewing.


5. Less damage to gums


Gingivitis and other symptoms are often seen with dentures, but the use of artificial dental implants will reduce this risk.


6. Maintain a natural and beautiful appearance


When using dentures, the lips protrude outward, and muscle movement will be restricted, making the expression unnatural. If the dentures are pulled out, the lips will be concave inward. But artificial dental implants, like natural teeth, are planted in the alveolar bone and can maintain their natural appearance.


7. Give psychological security


LOYAL BEAUTY, as a china denture laboratory , said that dentures used to be prostheses that could be pulled out at any time, and they could make sounds when eating or talking. Users often felt insecure and psychologically stressed. But china dental implant does not need to worry about this problem.

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