Dental Outsourcing: Design Zirconia Crown Feasibility


Having clean and beautiful teeth is one of the top ten health for modern people, one of the status symbols, and one of the manifestations of a noble quality of life. For a long time, dental outsourcing porcelain teeth has been a fast and effective method. It is a method of repairing teeth, but the metal ions of metal porcelain teeth will have adverse reactions to the human body, such as black gums, bleeding gums and atrophy. The larger the difference, the more blue-gray effect will be produced under the light.

Zirconia Crown Denture

Metal-porcelain teeth are unstable under the action of bacteria in the liquid oral acid-base environment, and metal interferes to a certain extent when patients undergo CT MRI. Therefore, the dental medical community has been working hard to change this state. Porcelain tooth without metal inner crown – design zirconia crown all-ceramic series


The design zirconia crown is the most commonly used type of dental crown. It is the latest all-ceramic crown popular in the international oral community and is considered to be the strongest and most durable dental restoration. It is made from a special alloy of two minerals, zircon and calcite, which are stable at high temperatures. Compared with traditional metal-porcelain crowns, zirconia crowns are more beautiful and have less interference to CT MRI.


design zirconia crown usually consists of three layers: a base layer with calcium fluoride, a filling layer consisting of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, and a top layer consisting of zirconia. dental outsourcing is a dental laboratory in China, specializing in the development of zirconia crowns.


dental outsourcing design zirconia crown can withstand extreme weathering conditions. Zirconia is also used in dentures and prosthetics because it strengthens the jawbone and stabilizes the facial bones above the teeth. Zirconia is extremely heat resistant (which makes it a good material for prosthetics). It also resists corrosion when exposed to saltwater or seawater in the presence of oxygen, such as on a boat or swimming pool.


Durability of design zirconia crown

design zirconia crown dentures are made of natural minerals. Zirconia is the only natural mineral available for dental outsourcing, as it has been an important part of the human diet for thousands of years. Zirconia is a natural mineral that is extremely resistant to corrosion, heat and acidity.


Zirconia crowns are made of an alloy of zirconium, chromium and nickel. These materials are used because of their excellent chemical, physical and mechanical properties in dental applications.


Tooth-colored crowns are also a good option for children, as this helps them retain baby teeth longer than other types of dental work.

Chinese dental outsourcing acrylic Denture

Design zirconia crown

The design of the zirconia crown for dental outsourcing is a very complex task. In order to have it, you must first understand how teeth are formed, and then how they are formed by wear and tear. Using these two pieces of information, you can plan your designs in a way that you can use materials that can withstand the forces exerted on them.


Advantages of zirconia crowns

1) Most dental outsourcing dentists are willing to buy zirconia crowns. If there is no product on the market, it will be difficult for a dentist to buy it.

2) Inexpensive, high quality, many dentists are willing to pay for design zirconia crown even if they need to pay more.

3) Zirconia crowns are very popular and have many uses, such as protecting teeth from tooth decay, preventing tooth decay, preventing enamel erosion and preventing scoliosis.

4) Zirconia crowns can also be used as restorations for disabled people.


Zirconia crown characteristics


The zirconia used in dental outsourcing is excellent in terms of biosafety. A large number of experiments and clinical cases have proved that zirconia has no toxic damage to bone and soft tissue cells. There were no reports of allergic reactions.


  • The color is very similar to the color of natural teeth, which solves the problems of blue, black lines and discoloration of metal-porcelain gums. It has a high aesthetic effect and is more suitable for use in parts with high aesthetic requirements.
  • There is no metal odor in the mouth, no corrosion, no stimulation of the pulp nerve due to the alternation of cold and heat, excellent biocompatibility, durable, can withstand high-strength bite force, prevent fracture, and be durable.
  • Zirconium oxide does not block X-rays and is non-magnetic, and has no effect on CT MRI, so there is no need to remove dentures during CT MRI, saving a lot of trouble.


Matters needing attention


  1. Patients with mild discomfort when wearing the zirconia crown should practice patiently and gradually adapt to it.
  2. You should eat soft food when you first wear it, and then eat normal food after getting used to it.
  3. If zirconia crowns are to be repaired for vital pulp teeth, it is necessary to avoid eating too cold and hot food to avoid irritation. You can eat normally after about two weeks.
  4. Dental outsourcing will collapse under pressure beyond its stress range, so don’t bite too hard foods, such as walnuts.
  5. The occlusal relationship may change after wearing the zirconia crown. Eat slowly and adapt gradually to avoid biting the buccal and tongue mucosa.
  6. The abutment teeth are short and the abutment teeth are sharp and inappropriate. Not suitable for insufficient space (insufficient connection point strength). A single undercut and a bridge with a large undercut cannot be used.
  7. The junction between dental outsourcing and the abutment is prone to accumulation of plaque and calculus. Attention should be paid to keeping the oral cavity clean and developing the habit of brushing teeth after meals. You can use dental floss to clean between the teeth, and regularly go to the hospital for inspection and cleaning.


The design zirconia crown of China dental lab LOYAL BEAUTY uses today’s advanced computer-aided design, laser scanning, and finally controlled grinding by computer-aided programs, showing the noble and luxurious quality.


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