Dental Precision Accessories, So That Teeth And Dentures Are No Longer Separated!

According to the Chinese dental laboratory, with the extension of people’s life expectancy and the increase of dental diseases, the demand for dental restoration is also increasing. Now, dental disease is no longer the patent of the elderly, and young people are also beginning to be commonly infected. Dental precision accessories are a new type of dental restoration method, which can make teeth and dentures no longer separate, and bring a better quality of life to patients.

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Principles of dental precision accessories

Dental precision attachments work by using the shape and size of the tooth to position the implant with greater precision. These accessories include crowns, root supports, veneers, and more. A dental crown is a method used to restore damaged or missing teeth. A damaged tooth is fixed in place by implanting a metal or alloy into the surface of the tooth. This can restore the shine of damaged teeth.

The precision attachment dentures applied by the Chinese dental laboratory use precision attachment technology to improve wearing comfort and increase the retention force with exquisite and light parts. The upper jaw fits tightly, without gaps and pressure, and does not affect daily life.

A root brace is a small metal platform that is attached to the root of the tooth so that the root is held in place. This helps lessen damage to the root portion of the tooth while supporting the normal growth of the tooth. A veneer is a plastic film or metal plate that is placed over the tooth to cover the damaged tooth surface. This helps reduce the chance of infection and improves the appearance of the entire tooth.

The role of dental precision accessories

With the development of dental technology, the role of dental precision accessories used in Chinese dental laboratory has attracted more and more attention. These accessories refer to various equipment and tools that can help a dentist treat dental problems.

For example, dental precision accessories can help dentists accurately locate problem teeth and treat them by using different tools. These tools include toothbrushes, root decompressors, crack restorers, and a variety of other tools.

In addition, dental precision accessories can also help dentists detect the condition of problem teeth. For example, by using an X-ray machine or other related equipment, a dentist can easily detect where a problem tooth is located.

Therefore, the role of dental precision accessories is very important. It helps dentists to accurately locate, diagnose and treat problem teeth.

Classification of precision attachments

Precision Adhesion will design a full-mouth treatment plan according to the situation after the oral examination, and consider the effect and cycle of the plan in the long run, with a good sense of use and high cost performance. And during the treatment process, the pain is small, no tooth extraction is required, the residual root can be preserved for overdenture restoration, and the precision components are used to increase the retention force, which is comparable to the occlusal force of real teeth.

Classification of precision attachments: ball cap type, Tai Chi button type, bolt type, magnetic attachment, etc.

1. Pin-type precision attachment


  • Single or bilateral free end missing, and the remaining adjacent abutment teeth are relatively stable.
  • Patients with high aesthetic requirements.


  • Beautiful and comfortable, with less foreign body sensation. Good retention, effectively making up for the defect that the full-mouth rubber tray cannot be fully retained.
  • Easy to take and wear dentures. It is suitable for too few abutments and missing free ends.

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2. Ball cap precision attachment


  • Single or bilateral free end missing, adjacent remaining abutment teeth are relatively stable; retain the residual root to repair the overdenture.
  • Patients with high aesthetic requirements.


There is no need to design a clasp, which can effectively disperse the bite force, has good retention force, is not easy to fall off, and the accessories can be replaced.

3. Groove precision accessories


Patients with missing interdental spaces in most of the dentition and without abutment teeth or with too much undercut of the abutment teeth.


  • Beautiful and comfortable, with less foreign body sensation. Good retention, effectively making up for the defect that the full-mouth rubber tray cannot be fully retained.
  • Easy to take and wear dentures. It is suitable for too few abutments and missing free ends.

4. Tai Chi buckle

Compared with other attachments, the Taiji buckle has very unique advantages, whether it is made by technicians, operated by doctors, or used by patients, it is very simple, practical, and has a high success rate!

  • It is easy to make and easy for doctors to operate on. It is an ideal choice for both experienced dentists and dentists who are just starting to make precision attachments.
  • Easy to use and easy to take off and put on. Patients find them comfortable and easy to adapt. Simplify maintenance procedures.
  • A wide range of application, no matter the height of the bite, the number of abutment teeth, unilateral, bilateral and other indications can be used.

5. Telescopic crown

A removable denture consisting of inner and outer crowns

  • Good stability
  • Jaw force is distributed reasonably, and masticatory function recovers well
  • Easy to remove and easy to clean
  • Protect the tissue around the abutment
  • Long-term repair effect is good


 The dangers of missing teeth if they are not repaired in time

Many middle-aged and elderly people have poor oral conditions. Bleeding gums, and loose, missing and falling teeth are common.

  • Chewing function is blocked, and food cannot be bitten or chewed, resulting in gastrointestinal diseases. Many elderly people suffer from gastrointestinal diseases, which cannot be ignored.
  • Gaps are created after missing teeth, and bacteria can grow after food impaction, causing oral diseases such as periodontitis to appear and aggravate, and accelerate the deterioration of oral health.
  • Long-term tooth loss, adjacent teeth tilt and move, resulting in gingival atrophy, alveolar bone atrophy, etc.
  • The face loses the support of the teeth, resulting in collapse, sagging, increased wrinkles, and more aging.
  • The most important thing is that tooth loss not only deteriorates the oral environment but also increases the prevalence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases by 20%, affecting life expectancy.

Advantages of dental precision accessories

  1. Reduce operation time.
  2.  Reduce pain after surgery.
  3.  Increase the success rate of surgery.
  4. Reduce the chance of wound infection.
  5. Reduce the chance of periodontitis.
  6.  Short recovery time.

How to use dental precision accessories

  1. Proper use of the dental precision accessories applied by the Chinese dental laboratory can improve the treatment effect.
  2. Place the Dental Precision Attachment on the patient’s tooth and apply gentle back pressure.
  3. Maintain the shape of the dental precision attachment until the treatment is complete.
  4. After cleaning the crown and bridge attachment, put it back in the box.

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