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Orthodontics refers to the use of orthodontic devices to restore the normal position of the teeth, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the shape of the mouth. Orthodontics take a long time and require frequent visits to the hospital for treatment and monitoring, but the effect is often very significant.


Orthodontics is a comprehensive restoration approach that can be used in different situations. It can effectively correct the position of the teeth and improve the shape of the mouth. This treatment requires frequent hospital visits and monitoring, but the results are usually good.


There are three main advantages of orthodontic treatment: painless, fast, and economical. Orthodontic treatment of teeth can effectively improve the position, shape, and function of teeth, and can also prolong the life of teeth.

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The advantages of orthodontic treatment with normal teeth include reduction of gingival recession, reduction of oral inflammation, improved oral hygiene, and improved oral appearance. Orthodontic treatment is by far the best way to straighten your teeth. When performing orthodontics, doctors will take different approaches based on individual dental conditions. In general, the advantages of orthodontics include:

  1. Reduce gum recession: Because orthodontics keeps the teeth in their normal position, the chance of gum recession is reduced.
  2. Reduce the occurrence of oral inflammation: Since the gums are no longer stiff due to pressure, the chance of oral inflammation is reduced.
  3. Improve hygiene level: Through the comprehensive cleaning and maintenance of teeth, the occurrence of oral hygiene problems can be effectively reduced.
  4. Improve the shape: By trimming the teeth, the corresponding parts of the person can appear more perfect.


Orthodontic treatment risks

Orthodontic treatment in china dental lab also carries certain risks, including gum recession, periodontitis, and oral infection. However, these risks are usually avoidable and can be controlled with the right treatment. If these problems occur, professional orthodontic treatment should be sought as soon as possible.

The principle of using dental implant materials mainly refers to whether it needs to be replaced after surgery because different implant materials will have a certain impact on the patient’s dental tissue structure. Implant materials have good compatibility with the human body and generally do not cause allergic reactions.


Orthodontic treatment suitable for people


Safe and reliable china dental lab tells you that all ages are suitable for orthodontic treatment. However, it is best to have orthodontic treatment before the child is 8 years old, because orthodontics can make their teeth develop better, and children’s teeth are much better than adults.


Also, don’t be discouraged if your child is a teenager, as orthodontic treatment is possible even at this age. However, for adults, the effect of orthodontics will be diminished.


Orthodontics is a safe and effective method for most people. This is because, during orthodontics, the teeth will be straightened and brought into the correct position. Doing so will not only help your teeth look better, but it will also help prevent oral disease. However, orthodontics is not for everyone. If you have bleeding gums or other problems, you should consult your dentist.


Orthodontics is a method of restoring teeth that helps patients restore and maintain the health of their teeth. There are different orthodontic methods suitable for different people. Here are some orthodontic methods suitable for Chinese people.


1. Dental braces


Orthodontics is one of the most common forms of orthodontics. It is effective in repairing dental problems but also frees patients from problems such as gum recession, periodontitis, and bad breath. Some braces can also be used to fix problems between your upper and lower teeth.


2. Orthodontic plate


An orthodontic plate is a plate with metal parts that help restore the correspondence between the upper and lower teeth. By securing the plate to the teeth, the plate enables the teeth to interact and promote orthodontic results.

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3. Inflatable rubber sleeve


An inflatable rubber sleeve is a sleeve with gas that allows the teeth to interact and enhance the restoration. When the gas passes through the rubber sleeve, it causes the rubber sleeve to interact with the teeth, thereby promoting orthodontic results.




Popular china dental lab will tell you that there are many ways of orthodontics, mainly fixed orthodontics and mobile orthodontics. Fixed orthodontics is to fix the teeth in one position, and then adjust the position of the teeth with appliances or toothpicks. Mobile orthodontics is the movement of teeth from one position to another, using appliances or gestures to adjust the position of the teeth. There are many ways of orthodontics, and it is very important to choose the way of orthodontics, which should be selected according to each person’s situation. Let’s start with the classification of various brackets.


1. Traditional metal brackets


This is what you call “steel teeth”. The advantage is that the price is close to the people, economical, and practical. But the metallic color is really detrimental to the aesthetics. If you smile with teeth, you may only see a shiny steel tooth.


2. Ceramic and single crystal brackets


Made of strong and transparent bioceramic material, it is milky translucent or completely transparent, which matches the color of teeth. When worn on the teeth, there is only a wire from a distance, which is not easy to be found. Also, ceramic brackets have smoother edges, reducing irritation to the oral mucosa.


3. Self-locking brackets

Self-ligating brackets are a new technology that has emerged in recent decades. Compared with traditional orthodontic methods, the treatment time can be shortened by one-third, and the follow-up time is postponed from the traditional four weeks to eight weeks.


Self-locking brackets are also classified into metal and single crystal ceramics. Many of the friends who make fixed brackets around them choose this kind of self-locking bracket.


A brief summary of two points: time is fast, and the interval between follow-up visits is long.​​


4. Lingual Invisibility Correction


The technical requirements for the orthodontist are very high. It is to install all the appliances on the side of the tongue, and no orthodontic treatment device can be seen in appearance. But the cost is expensive, and the comfort is slightly poor when first put on, but a friend who has worn lingual braces said: “It was very uncomfortable at first, but after wearing it for a few months, I didn’t feel much! It’s good technology, but expensive, just Black technology~


5. Invisible correction without brackets


There are many advantages of invisible orthodontic treatment. They are comfortable, hygienic, removable, transparent and beautiful, accurate, and efficient. The most important thing is that there is a 3D correction plan. You can see the simulation results before you start orthodontics!


The first choice for those who pursue aesthetics. Although it is more expensive than traditional correction, it is still more cost-effective than lingual correction! The point is that others don’t even know they’re doing dental work! As a result, the beauty transformation has been completed unconsciously. Many do this, you can take off the braces when you eat, but the disadvantage is that you can’t take them off for too long~


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