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Frequently asked questions about dental design in China

Dentures rely on metal hooks (clamps) to hold on to real teeth to achieve fixation and stability, and do not displace or sink during exercise of function. The clip ring should be placed at the top and bottom of the recess of the real tooth or slightly, and gently stick to the real tooth. Only when the denture is subjected to dislocation forces, the blocking of the clip ring against the convex area produces a fixation effect.

The clip ring cannot be tightly wrapped around the real tooth and cannot be applied forcefully in any direction. China Dental Lab reminds everyone that all well-designed dentures and hooks will not damage the teeth.

Generally speaking, it is best not to use several pairs of dentures alternately. There will be some errors in the most accurate printing and molding. The patient’s adaptation to the two dentures may be different.

For example, some patients require repair due to denture pain, and the examination found signs of tenderness in the oral tissue. However, if the patient uses two pairs alternately, it is difficult to determine which pair of dentures caused tenderness.

If you have a broken denture, you should seek a professional doctor to fix it, not fix it yourself. Because only if a model that truly reflects the oral condition is reproduced according to the patient’s oral anatomy and physiological conditions, a denture that conforms to the oral condition can be produced. Once the denture is damaged, the contact relationship with the oral tissue may change, and it is difficult for patients to grasp the accuracy of the repair.

There are roughly three types of damage to dentures: broken braces, broken hooks, supports, and artificial teeth that break or fall off. All of the above repairs require equipment conditions and professional knowledge, so if your dentures are broken, it is better to ask a professional dental lab to repair them.

Some patients have dentures that are no longer suitable and are still using them together, which is very bad. Because wearing inappropriate dentures in the mouth can cause a series of pathological changes in the soft and hard tissues of the mouth.

  1. There is a gap between the denture and oral tissue, which can cause food to be embedded and bacteria to grow, causing congestion and inflammation of the tissues in the mouth. Denture pressure is uneven when chewing, ulcers can form in places of heavy pressure, accelerated alveolar bone absorption, and soft tissue hyperplasia.
  2. The surface of the denture is heavily worn, and the vertical height of 1/3 below the surface is significantly shortened. Long-term use of such dentures reduces muscle tone, and the temporomandibular joint area changes position when chewing. Long-term abnormal functional exercise can cause a series of symptoms such as temporomandibular dysfunction syndrome, such as opening and closing, eating pain, etc.
  3. The dentures are too tight and too loose. Too tight causes pain, loosening, and soft tissue compression and rupture of real teeth. Loose dentures move up and down while chewing and speaking, and food embedding are also not conducive to the use of dentures.

Dental Veneer is considered a good cosmetic dental repair method, and veneers have many advantages over full crowns. The biggest advantage is that there is less tooth tissue to wear out. The patient suffered relatively little pain during treatment. By carving the color, shape, surface, inside and outside, and using a special adhesive, the veneer can achieve an almost perfect repair effect.

China Dental Lab advises users to use toothpaste with low wear to teeth as much as possible, such as crystal paste toothpaste. Choose a good toothbrush. Eat less foods that contain more pigment, such as coffee and juice. Drink less carbonated drinks, such as cola, because the acids contained in them soften the resin that adheres to the veneer, which in turn affects the bonding effect.

Resin veneers can be made in the background or directly operated clinically, which reduces the number of patient visits. In addition, resin veneers have a price advantage over Dental Veneer.

The resin includes an improved type with a variety of fillers. The color of the resin is worse than that of Dental Veneer, and the resin is inferior to that of porcelain in terms of biocompatibility, and the aging problem of the resin has not been overcome, and discoloration will occur after several years of use and will need to be remade.

  1. Color problems of teeth – discolored teeth that have undergone root canal treatment; discolored teeth caused by tetracycline or other drugs; discolored teeth due to excessive fluorine intake or other causes; discolored teeth caused by large amounts of resin filling, etc.
  2. Teeth wear problems.
  3. Problems with peeling or defects on the surface of the teeth.
  4. The teeth are mildly dislocated, unevenly arranged, and irregular in shape (such as pits or bulges in the teeth).
  5. There is a gap between the teeth (used to close the gap between the teeth).

CHINA DENTAL LAB LOYAL BEAUTY has a wealth of dental veneer customization and design experience, welcome your inquiry.

All-porcelain crowns have the best aesthetic effect, and the color and permeability are better than the other two. China Dental Lab LOYAL BEAUTY will recommend using all-porcelain crowns for both functional recovery and aesthetically pleasing front teeth.

Metal crowns have better ductility and strength, and are generally used for rear teeth, especially when the gap between the teeth in the back tooth area is small and the vertical distance is relatively short, which is not enough for All Ceramic Crown and porcelain crowns, so metal crowns are safer.

The porcelain crown is between the all-porcelain crown and the metal crown. It is divided into two layers. The innermost layer is a metal layer, and the inner shell of the metal is sintered to form a porcelain layer on the outside.

Porcelain crowns are aesthetically better than metal crowns, but not comparable to all-porcelain crowns. They are cheaper than all-porcelain crowns, but are more expensive than metal crowns. Overall, it is more cost-effective than the other two.

For traditional dental implant surgery, it takes three months to implant the implant into the alveolar bone, so that the implant and the alveolar bone are slowly combined. After three months, the gums are incised, placed in the abutment, and waiting for one month to form artificial gums.

After that, a crown is done. The fastest crown repair can be done on the same day, and some may take a few days or tens of days.

If the patient’s bones are in good condition, they can be placed directly into the abutment after implantation, and crowns can be made directly after 3 months, without waiting for an additional month.

For patients who need bone grafts, dental implants take longer, because bone grafts need to be implanted before implantation. After bone grafting, the time to wait for the bone to heal varies depending on the patient’s age and bone implant volume. It may take three months, six months, and up to nine months, and then the normal implant time and process.

Routine dental implant surgery is not as painful as everyone thinks. Generally, there is some pain on the day of surgery, and it will be reduced the next day, and the swelling will usually start to subside in about three days.

Of course, for different people, there will be some differences. Some patients may only feel a little swollen and don’t have much pain. Some patients have obvious swelling and obvious pain.

To reduce pain and swelling, China Dental Lab LOYAL BEAUTY reminds patients to apply ice compresses within 24 to 48 hours after surgery.

Doctors will use antibiotics prophylactically after surgery, such as metronidazole, tinidazole, etc., and a small amount of hormones, usually for about three days, which can relieve inflammation and pain and swelling after surgery.

If the patient’s pain is obvious, the doctor will usually recommend the patient to take some painkillers.

Generally, you can eat two hours after implant surgery, but you need to pay attention to the following points when eating:

  1. Do not eat foods that are too hot. Food that is too hot can easily destroy blood clots.
  2. Try not to use the implant area when chewing. If this place is subjected to too much force, the suture may be pulled, which can easily cause inflammatory reactions.
  3. To eat in moderation, you can choose medium-soft foods, and have a wider recipe. Because healing after surgery requires nutrients, especially bone and soft tissue injuries, the body needs to provide sufficient protein and minerals.

China dental lab LOYAL BEAUTY only uses FDA approved materials with CE mark. See our bill of materials for details.

We do not require minimum orders.You can view our dental services page at:https://www.hkloyalbeauty.com/service/

China dental lab LOYAL BEAUTY has at least one person in charge in each process who thoroughly inspects each dental case before proceeding to the next process. Final inspection of 100% dental work ensures that all our dental cases leave our laboratory in perfect condition. Our experienced quality control technicians use the latest equipment to test fit, bite, contact, finishing and aesthetics.

China dental lab LOYAL BEAUTY has removable dentures (partial or complete dentures), fixed dentures (porcelain teeth), implant restorations (implants) and other restoration methods.

Removable dentures are cheaper, less damage to adjacent teeth, but poor in aesthetics and chewing function, and have a strong sense of barter. Fixed dentures are the opposite.

If one or two teeth are missing, it can be repaired by implants, fixed bridges, cemented bridges, and removable dentures. Dental implant is a surgical method in the edentulous area without roots. An artificial tooth root (usually pure titanium material) is implanted in the alveolar bone. After the artificial tooth root and the bone tissue are combined, the artificial tooth root is repaired. A fixed bridge is to first grind the adjacent teeth (called abutments) on both sides into the desired shape, then restore the shape of the adjacent teeth with a full crown (brace) or a partial crown, and at the same time repair the edentulous area through an integrally cast bridge. Bonded bridge is a kind of fixed restoration by bonding the bridge of the restored edentulous area to the adjacent teeth on both sides through resin cement. Removable dentures are removable dentures that are fixed to the surrounding adjacent abutments with metal hooks (called snap rings in the technical term).

The full crown can be an all-metal crown, a metal-porcelain crown, a gold-deposited porcelain crown, an All Ceramic Crown, and the like. Porcelain crowns can be used from areas that affect aesthetics, all-ceramic crowns can be used for people who attach importance to aesthetics, and all-metal crowns can be used in parts that are difficult to see but have strong occlusal force (mainly the maxillary posterior teeth).

After the tooth has pulpitis caused by caries, trauma, cracking and other reasons, it is necessary to remove the infected pulp for root canal treatment. Tooth deprived of pulp nutrition will gradually become brittle and easy to crack, so early crown protection is recommended. In addition, the restoration of residual roots and residual crowns also requires crowns to restore the shape of the teeth. But before crowning, it is often necessary to drive piling, or post and core restoration.

When the abutment tooth is a root canal treated tooth, of course there is no such problem. If it is a viable pulp tooth, the tooth shape and arrangement are normal, and usually no nerve killing is required for porcelain restoration. However, in the process of grinding, due to pressure, heat, and mechanical stimulation, the pulp of living pulp teeth will inevitably be damaged to a certain extent.

China dental lab LOYAL BEAUTY found that the survival rate of fixed dentures is 70-80% after ten years of use, so fixed dentures are generally used for 10 years, but it varies from person to person. Factors such as a tight bite, a preference for hard food, poor condition of abutment teeth, poor periodontal condition, and damaged dentures can shorten the service life.

In a short period of time after tooth extraction, the bone tissue will undergo significant resorption and the edentulous area will collapse. The rate of bone resorption becomes slow at three months after tooth extraction, and then becomes relatively stable but continues to resorb. Therefore, it is necessary to wait two and a half to three months after the extraction of the tooth before the formal denture restoration. Temporary dentures, immediate dentures, etc. can be worn during the waiting process after tooth extraction.

About 50% of orthodontic patients require tooth extraction.

The purpose of tooth extraction is to:

  1. Use the extraction space to align crowded teeth.
  2. Use the extraction space to adduct the anterior teeth, improve the arch protrusion, and improve the facial shape.
  3. Use the extraction space to adjust the occlusal relationship of the posterior teeth, so that the cusps of the posterior teeth are staggered, the occlusal contact area is maximized, and the best chewing efficiency is achieved.

There are many adults who really want to straighten their teeth, but they are very concerned about the “steel teeth” after wearing braces. For aesthetic reasons, people invented transparent brackets and lingual braces. Clear brackets are similar in color to the teeth, so they don’t look obvious. On the other hand, the lingual braces attach the brackets to the inside of the teeth on the tongue side, so they are invisible from the outside.

China dental lab LOYAL BEAUTY provides 5 years warranty for dental design products and 1 year warranty for removable restorations. In most cases, we will design these dentures for free.

However, additional charges may apply in the following cases:

  1. If the original dental restoration is not returned to us for restoration;
  2. If you re-prepare the case and send a new display/model;
  3. If the color is different from the original order;
  4. If the returned material is different from the original order;
  5. If the dental design changes.

A large proportion of dental disease occurs in areas that are difficult to see with the naked eye. These areas include between teeth, below the gum line, and below existing restorations. If undiagnosed, the disease may progress without obvious signs or symptoms. Dental X-rays allow dentists and hygienists to see signs of dental disease that would otherwise be missed.

China dental lab LOYAL BEAUTY specializes in crowns and bridges, veneers, all-ceramic restorations, implants, attachments, Orthodontics, complete and partial dentures, flexible partials, metal frames, etc. Since 1995, China Dental Outsourcing has been exporting products to Europe, the United States and Japan, helping thousands of dentists restore oral health and smiles to their patients! Our mission in founding the dental laboratory is to maximize consistency in this highly variable industry.

China Dental Outsourcing Loyal Beauty was established in 1994, with more than 28 years of experience in dental design, keep abreast of the latest developments and provide you with the best and latest patient solutions.

High quality and competitive prices make our products and services extremely competitive. LOYAL BEAUTY dental laboratory offers a one-year product warranty and has built a solid reputation and trust among all customers and partners.

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