Fillings need to be cautious

In order to save money, it is often encountered in clinical practice that patients have unscientific design and poor production technology in the mouth of the prosthesis, which has caused varying degrees of damage to the oral tissue. This is due to the unbalanced economic development in my country and the uneven medical level of oral restoration. Many patients have accepted these restorations because they do not understand the common sense of oral restoration or are too troublesome to save money. Perhaps it has played a certain role in chewing function. Function, there is no harm to your health in the short-term, but with the passage of time, its harm will gradually become apparent, mainly in the following aspects:

  1, cause loose teeth

If the design of artificial teeth is unreasonable, if the occlusal force cannot be dispersed, it will cause excessive load or stress concentration of the natural teeth that play a role in the oral cavity, which exceeds its own compensatory potential, and it will quickly cause the absorption of alveolar bone. Causes teeth to loosen.

  2, causing caries in adjacent teeth

Bad restorations are often tied with thin steel wires to the natural teeth on both sides of the missing tooth, and then the missing tooth area is filled with inferior materials, which cannot be taken by themselves. The manufacturer (usually a street doctor) calls it rapid dental implantation. technology. Because the material itself is harmful to oral health, and there are fine gaps between the filling body and the adjacent teeth, which can easily hide food and cannot be removed in time. It is the best place for bacteria to grow and multiply. If it is not removed in time, it will be soon Will cause caries to adjacent teeth.

  3, gum inflammation

  The edges or surfaces of bad restorations are often very rough, which tends to retain material residues, which is conducive to the accumulation and reproduction of bacteria, which can stimulate the gums for a long time and easily cause chronic inflammation of the gums. The main symptoms are bleeding gums, swelling, mucous membrane ulceration, bad smell in the mouth, and even inability to bite food. Special attention should be paid to the long-term stimulation of oral tissues by bad restorations, which may also cause canceration of oral mucosal tissues.

  4, cause symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorders

   Most of the bad restorations have poor occlusal relationship, and some even have no occlusal contact or only partial occlusal contact. If the oral cavity is in an unbalanced bite state for a long time, it will cause the snapping, pain and other symptoms of the temporomandibular joint. If not improved and corrected in time, it may further cause irreversible damage to the temporomandibular joint.

   5. Affect the beauty

  The color and appearance of poor restorations are often very different from the coordination of natural teeth. The assembly of dentures destroys the harmony and beauty of the oral cavity. The material used in some bad restorations is self-curing plastic, which is easy to change color or color, which makes the dentures yellow and black, which greatly affects the appearance.

   Bad restorations have many hazards, such as wearing bad restorations in the oral cavity should be removed as soon as possible. At the same time, patients with missing teeth must not think of trouble or try to be cheap and damage the oral or even the health of the whole body.

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