How Does Excellent Chinese Dental Laboratory Develop?

 Overview of Dental Industry Chain


The oral cavity consists of lips, cheeks, tongue, palate, salivary glands, teeth, and jaws. There are many kinds of oral diseases, which accompany people’s life cycle. Common diseases include caries, periodontal disease, endodontic disease, periapical disease, tooth defect, malocclusion, etc. Most oral diseases have a high incidence rate and demand for diagnosis and treatment.


In addition, with the advent of the “appearance economy”, consumers’ demand for dental beauty is also increasing. excellent chinese dental laboratory is based on the consumption of oral medical services, including the dual attributes of medical treatment and consumption.

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Oral medicine is the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of oral and maxillofacial diseases and other related medical services. excellent chinese dental laboratory is a vertical subdivision of the medical industry based on oral medical service consumption.


The dental medical industry consists of dental medical equipment and consumables, dental medical drugs, dental medical institutions, and dental medical service personnel. The upstream industry of dental care can be divided into machinery manufacturing, electronic manufacturing, biochemical technology, and medical software technology, especially medical software technology. The development of the Internet era has opened a new door for the development of dental care.


Basic overview of oral medical services


The oral medical service of excellent chinese dental laboratory mainly covers three departments, including general dentistry, orthodontics, and implantology. The profiles of the three divisions are set out below:


  • General Dentistry: General Dentistry provides preventive services such as cleanings, soft tissue examinations and screening for dental disease and other potential problems, as well as a range of basic restorative treatments. These services include fillings, root canal treatment, and restoration of missing teeth through crowns and dentures.
  • Orthodontics: Orthodontics provides treatment for malocclusions that may result from abnormal and disproportionate jaw bones. These services include improving occlusal efficiency, speech, oral hygiene and grooming.
  • Implantology: Implantology provides permanent implantation of artificial teeth in the jawbone when natural teeth have been determined to be extracted. This service provides a more permanent option for patients who need tooth replacements.


In recent years, with the improvement of people’s dental health awareness and parents’ emphasis on children’s dental health, the children’s dental service market will grow rapidly. Pediatric dental services mainly include tooth decay treatment and prevention services, as well as customized orthodontic services based on the unique needs of children aged 3 to 14. The excellent Chinese dental laboratory has also received high attention.


Analysis of the status quo of the dental industry

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All Ceramic

The upstream industry of oral medical care is mainly the dental equipment manufacturing industry, and the industries involved include the steel industry, plastic industry, new material industry, and electronics industry.


The steel industry and the plastics industry provide basic materials for oral medical devices, the new material industry is an important basic industry for implantable oral medical devices, and the electronics industry mainly provides circuit boards, chips and basic instruments for oral panoramic equipment.


The midstream oral medical industry can be divided into oral medical devices and oral medical services, among which oral medical devices occupy a major position in the industry. The downstream service objects of oral medical care are patients with oral diseases.


Analysis of the development prospect of the dental industry


With the development of China’s economy and the increase in people’s health awareness, the market demand for oral medical services has developed rapidly, which has driven the rapid growth of the oral medical device industry. According to the report, the global oral care market is expected to reach 278.969 billion yuan in 2022. Statistics predict that by 2028, the global oral care market is expected to reach 402.893 billion yuan.


In addition, in order to make the medical technology of dental medical personnel more targeted, the departments of the industry are becoming more and more subdivided. The main departments of the excellent Chinese dental laboratory industry include orthodontics, prosthetics, implantology, pediatric dentistry, and maxillofacial surgery outpatient clinics. and many more. Different hospitals have different classifications of departments, but in general, there is a trend of gradually subdividing specialized departments.


In recent years, with the upgrading of residents’ consumption, the oral medical market has developed rapidly. Dental implant and orthodontic business have become the highlights of the development of the oral industry. With the in-depth expansion of dental implant and orthodontic business, the demand for dental medical equipment has increased.


Attracted by the market prospect, capital from all walks of life continues to pour into the dental medical device market. A large amount of capital investment has driven the expansion of the scale of high-end dental medical devices, thereby promoting the development of dental medical device industries such as excellent chinese dental laboratory.


Excellent chinese dental laboratoryOral instrument industry


After decades of development, China’s dental market has experienced a process from scratch, and is now developing in the direction of product enrichment and patented technology localization. At present, my country’s oral instrument market is in a stage of rapid development and steady growth. On the one hand, the continuous expansion of the oral service market has promoted the rapid development of the oral instrument market, and on the other hand, the rapid development of the CBCT, dental implant, and orthodontic markets has provided new growth momentum for the oral instrument market.


As an excellent Chinese dental laboratory, LOYAL BEAUTY is committed to overseas market expansion, helping dentists to produce high-quality products, assisting doctors to solve patients’ dental problems, and contributing to the development of the global dental industry.


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