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 What are dental veneers


Ugly teeth can change by veneer, but you must understand that didn’t made veener to can be relaxing, it is same as true teeth and had the risk of damage as well.


Dental veneer restoration is to paste a layer of material similar to normal tooth color on the surface of discolored or defective teeth to achieve the effect of whitening or restoration. Many friends who choose dental veneers will have such a question: How long can it be used for dental veneers?

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Classification of dental veneers


  • Porcelain veneer


Porcelain veneer refers to the application of adhesive materials to fix thin-layer porcelain restorations on the affected teeth without molars or less molars, so as to restore defects that affect the appearance and cover discoloration and other defects.


  • Resin veneer


The veneer made directly in the patient’s mouth with resin can restore the loss that affects the appearance and cover the defects such as discoloration.

If you want your dental veneers to last as long as possible, what care should you take in your daily life?




Stained teeth: tetracycline teeth, dental fluorosis, age-related jaundice


Teeth with poor shape: large gaps between teeth, missing teeth, melon teeth, too small teeth, caries (tooth decay), etc.


 Advantages of Porcelain Veneers


  • Safe, remove small tooth tissue
  • Beautiful appearance, good simulation effect, basically the same as real teeth, high wear resistance and non-coloring of porcelain itself can make porcelain veneer achieve permanent whitening effect
  • Healthy, less irritating to the gums, no black lines on the gums that are common with porcelain teeth, and the hardness of porcelain veneers is slightly lower than that of enamel, which can effectively protect the opposing teeth.
  • Comfortable, porcelain veneer restoration basically does not need to grind and cut the lingual part of the teeth, and can preserve most or even all of the lingual shape.

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Popular china dental design consultation process


1. First visit


  • Examination and diagnosis: choose appropriate indications, communicate with patients and doctors, professionally design smiles, and formulate appropriate treatment plans.
  • Basic treatment: repair and repair teeth, professional tooth cleaning, and eliminate gingival inflammation.
  • Printing film, model, color comparison: take the model with silicone rubber or elastic film material, directly fill the working model with high temperature resistant substitute material, and select the desired veneer color.


2. Second visit


  •  Dental veneer bonding: try it on, use professional adhesives to bond the dental veneers, and bond the dental veneers to keep the edges smooth.
  • Adjust the occlusion: Dental veneers generally cannot exceed the incisal margin of the real teeth, and the lower front teeth cannot touch the incisal margin of the dental veneer when protruding forward.


“Tooth veneer” is a technology of tooth whitening and restoration, which is widely used in clinical oral restoration. According to Popular china dental design, although the effect of dental veneers is very good, many people do not know how to take care of dental veneers. It is important to know that if the dental veneer can be effectively cared for after the operation, the service life will be greatly extended.


The nursing and suggestions of veneer

Just as taking care of the health of the enamel, thin porcelain or composite veneers require additional care.

Composite veneers have a life span of about 5 years, while porcelain veneers are more resistant and can last for about 10 to 15 years. If you want to stick them up as long as possible, take care of them as you do with your natural teeth

1. Avoid foods and drinks that contain dyes

Often eating dark food and drinks, often easy to make veneer or teeth staining. Coffee, red wine, tea, cola, red fruit, soy sauce, and dark chocolate are some foods and drinks that should not be abused to keep the veneers in their natural color.

2. Avoid hard and sticky foods

Veneers may be damaged by eating very hard food, so it is recommended to eat them very carefully, preferably by cutting or grinding with the posterior teeth. Scous foods also pose a significant risk to veneers, as they can lead to their shedding.

3. Avoid smoking

Another substance that darkens tooth veneers and the natural teeth themselves and changes their appearance is nicotine in tobacco . Tobacco is also very harmful, and it is recommended to reduce or eliminate its consumption completely.

4. Use dental floss

We must not forget the importance of interdental cleaning, because a large proportion of oral bacteria accumulate between the teeth. Dental floss or interdental brushes if necessary ensures that the whole mouth is cleaner.

5. Avoid biting hard objects

A bad habit that is totally incompatible with the use of tooth veneers is chewing hard things repeatedly, This habit may damage the material, which over time becomes more fragile and may break or spoff.

6.visit the dentist


Annual checkups and professional cleanings at a Popular china dental design dentist are another measure of care for your veneers. In this way, any problems can be detected and treated at an early stage.

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