Dental Implant

Dental Implant connects removable partial dentures to fixed bridgework under a male/female locking mechanism. China Dental Lab dental design includes the manufacture of custom abutments, crown and bridge, and dentures supported by implants.


China Dental Lab Dental Implant connects removable partial dentures to fixed bridgework under a male/female locking mechanism.

The dental Implant of china dental implant laboratory has the advantages of maintaining periodontal health, less stress on the abutment, beautiful appearance, long life and good stability.

The ‘male’ part is fixed to the crown or bridgework, whereas the ‘female’ part holds the removable partial denture.

china dental implant laboratory With the development of dental implant technology, dental implants are increasingly becoming a popular alternative to dentures and crowns/bridges. It’s a no-brainer for adults of all ages.

China dental implant come in different sizes, heights, and types. The implant expert can help to determine which option is best for you depending on your needs.

Titanium is considered a standard material of implant abutments. You can send the ready-made abutment for the case or request a titanium custom abutment. Crown and bridges on the implant can be any material.

Implant-supported dentures, all on 4 are available as well.

Dental Implant

China Dental Lab Dental Implant needs to go through four stages

inspection design, implant root, osseointegration, and restoration of crown.

Check the design phase:

Before the operation, a detailed examination is required to analyze the patient’s oral cavity, alveolar bone and physical condition, make a tooth model, and then use computer-aided design to customize the dental implant surgical plan.

Root Implant Stages:

Implant surgery requires the arrangement of the surgical environment and the preparation of relevant implant materials. There are many kinds of materials, and there are many different brands, you can choose according to your specific situation, combined with the recommendations of Loyal Beauty China Dental Lab.
The most critical and best advice at this stage is: be cautious before the election, and boldly trust after the election.

Osseointegration stage:

The healing of the gums after dental implants in the china dental implant laboratory generally takes about a week, and then it takes 3 to 6 months to achieve the bonding period between the bone and the root. At this stage, the bone (alveolar bone) tissue will slowly and tightly combine with the metal artificial tooth root to achieve the role of fixation and support.

At this stage, special attention is paid to cleaning. Without proper cleaning, peri-implant inflammation can occur, which can lead to implant loosening.

Crown Restoration Stages:

After successful osseointegration of the dental implant, partial restoration of the crown is required. Aesthetic restoration is carried out through a series of processes such as design, colorimetry, preparation, installation (similar to porcelain teeth/veneers), and finally produces the ideal beautiful teeth. Crown, the treatment part of the implant surgery is over, now the patient needs to take care of it like a real tooth.


Dental Implant


Four advantages of Dental Implant

01 Strong chewing function

China dental implant can restore the function of teeth very well, and the chewing function can generally be restored to 90%, which is much better than other traditional dentures.


02 No damage to adjacent teeth

Dental Implant can be repaired with its own artificial root, without grinding the healthy teeth next to it, without any damage to the teeth.


03 Good retention and long life

The artificial tooth root is closely combined with the alveolar bone without the use of traditional clasp or braces. China dental implant is like a real tooth in the oral cavity, with strong retention and stability, and generally has a lifespan of at least more than ten years.


04 Natural, beautiful and convenient

China dental outsourcing can make crowns according to the patient’s face shape and the shape and color of other teeth, without the use of clasps necessary for removable dentures, etc., there is no foreign body sensation at all, and it is very natural and convenient like real teeth.

There are a variety of male/female Dental Implants on the market. These include ball and socket, friction grip slide attachment, latch burs, post and socket, spring retained socket, and snap-on/screw in. In addition, the male part of dental precision attachments is often a high-strength precious alloy, whereas the female part consists of a more elastic alloy.

China Dental Lab Loyal Beauty Dental Implant attachments are better suited for different areas of the jaw. The type of locking mechanism, the material of the wing, and the intended use should be considered when choosing a dental precision attachment.



Dental Implant attachments


Criteria for Dental Implant Success

1. Gingivitis was controlled and there was no implant-related infection.
2. The dental implant from the china dental implant laboratory will not damage the supporting tissue of the adjacent teeth.
3. Under the condition that the implant supports and retains the denture function, there is no clinical movement. Function is good. The chewing efficiency is at least 70%.​​
4. The appearance is beautiful, and the color of the adjacent teeth is almost no different.​​
5. No persistent and/or irreversible mandibular canal, maxillary sinus, nasal fundus damage, pain, numbness, paresthesia and other symptoms after implantation, and feel good about themselves.​​
6. The bone resorption in the vertical direction does not exceed 1/3 of the length of the part implanted in the bone when the implantation operation is completed (displayed by standard projection method X-ray). The transverse bone resorption did not exceed 1/3, and the implants were not loosened.
7. Radiological examination, there is no opaque area in the bone interface around the implant.

China dental outsourcing dental implant reminds you that, strictly speaking, failure to meet any of the above criteria cannot be regarded as a success.

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