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Flexible Partial dental design is the most flexible, durable, and beautiful denture in the world. Flexible Partial dental design is lightweight, comfortable, beautiful, and realistic in color, avoiding the inconvenience caused by traditional clasps to patients. It is adjustable with clasps in pink to hide in the gum. Bring you a different dental design!


chinese dental laboratory Flexible Partial dental design is the most flexible, durable, and beautiful denture in the world. Flexible Partial dental design is lightweight, comfortable, beautiful, and realistic in color, avoiding the inconvenience caused by traditional clasps to patients.

Its pink color combine with tissue structure perfectly with a natural look. It won’t be allergic to oral mucosa.

Flexible dental design


The dental design of this Flexible Partial has high transparency and can be naturally integrated with the tone of the periodontal tissue to have a more realistic feeling. Flexible Partial has a comfortable mouthfeel and natural shape for patients and has a repair effect beyond imagination.

China Dental Lab Flexible partial is an excellent alternative to traditional hard-fitted dentures. No metal clasping is designed with flexible partial, which increases the aesthetics of the partial.

flexible partial of China Dental Outsourcing

Advantages of china dental lab Flexible Partial:

  1. High strength, high toughness, not easy to break.
  2. Flexible Partial can completely fuse with oral gum tissue without feeling its existence.
  3. Flexible Partial is comfortable to wear, looks beautiful, natural, and lifelike.
  4. Flexible Partial will not cause allergies to the oral mucosa.
  5. Natural color, good elasticity, and easy to clean.


1. Flexible Partial can help users restore chewing function

Restoring the chewing function of missing teeth is the main purpose of denture repair. The flexible partial stress is shared by the abutment teeth, the subcutaneous mucosa, and the alveolar bone. The load is within the tolerance threshold of the tissue, is a physiological functional stimulus, which is conducive to maintaining the health of periodontal support tissues and slowing the absorption of the alveolar crest.

Flexible Partial is based on the premise of maintaining oral tissue health. The chewing function of the denture should be restored to an appropriate level according to the condition of the abutment tooth, occlusion relationship, and the condition of the alveolar crest in the missing tooth area.
For example, when selecting and arranging artificial teeth, appropriately reduce the number of teeth, or reduce the diameter of the artificial cheek tongue, near and far-middle diameter, increase overflow grooves to increase mechanical convenience, thereby reducing tension, and lowering the tip height of artificial teeth to reduce lateral force.


2. Flexible Partial can protect the health of oral tissues

Improperly designed or made dentures can cause tenderness and ulcers of the mucosa, inflammation of the gums, loosening of the abutment teeth, dental lesions, and even trauma and temporomandibular joint lesions due to the adverse effects of snap rings and kits on oral tissues.
China Dental Outsourcing LOYAL BEAUTY In the design and production of Flexible Partial, excessive grinding of dental tissue will be avoided, and natural gas will be used as much as possible to place supports, gap rings, etc. The components fit tightly to the oral tissue, reducing food clogging and retention to prevent caries and gingivitis.
China Dental Lab Flexible Partial correctly restores upper and lower jaw positional relationships and relationships, as well as the shape of the missing arch and adjacent tissues.
Flexible Partial’s materials are non-toxic, harmless, non-allergenic, and carcinogenic to the human body.


3. Good fixation and stability

The retention and stability of a Flexible Partial are prerequisites for good functioning. Poor retention and stability of dentures not only fail to repair morphology and restore function but can also lead to damage to the abutment and supporting tissues under the abutment and other oral diseases.


4. Comfortable

China Dental Lab Flexible Partial has many components, especially when there are many missing teeth and many gaps, and the base area is large, which often causes foreign body sensation in first-time denture wearers, discomfort, unclear pronunciation, and even nausea, which is more obvious to sensitive people.
China Dental Outsourcing LOYAL BEAUTY’s Flexible Partial is small but not weak, thin, and constant. The parts are smoothly connected with surrounding tissues, harmonious and natural, do not affect the normal size of the oral cavity, hinder tongue movement, etc., so as to achieve the most adaptable degree for patients.


5. Aesthetic

Aesthetic requirements are even more important when repairing anterior dentition defects. The size, shape, color, and arrangement of China Dental Outsourcing LOYAL BEAUTY Flexible Partial are in harmony with the spatial relationship of adjacent natural teeth and upper and lower lips, and the expression is natural; the base color is consistent with the color of the gums and mucous membranes, and the length is appropriate, and the thickness is uniform.


6. Sturdy and durable

China Dental Outsourcing LOYAL BEAUTY is able to withstand the role of tension in Flexible Partial without deformation or breaking.
The fracture of Flexible Partial mainly occurs at the connection of the tongue and palate side substrate of small gap isolated artificial teeth, the junction of the missing tooth area and the non-missing tooth area, the stress concentration of the anterior dental area, and the weakness of the substrate due to manufacturing defects such as bubbles.
Therefore, in addition to selecting base materials with excellent strength, China Dental Outsourcing LOYAL BEAUTY Flexible Partial also reinforces the design for force concentration areas or areas with weak geometries. Make Flexible Partial both comfortable and beautiful, but also strong and durable.

7. Easy to take off

If the Flexible Partial is improperly designed and manufactured, it will take a lot of force to remove the denture, not only inconvenience the patient but also cause damage to the abutment; if it is difficult to remove or even remove, the denture and oral cavity cannot be kept clean and hygienic, leading to caries and gum inflammation of the abutment teeth and residual teeth.
Therefore, China Dental Outsourcing LOYAL BEAUTY Flexible Partial has sufficient holding power and is convenient for patients to wear.



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