Metal porcelain crowns are currently the most clinically used full crown restorations. Dental Lab LOYAL BEAUTY PFM has the advantages of good mechanical strength of cast metal crowns and beautiful all-ceramic crowns and is an ideal restorative body.


Polymer porcelain, also known as plastic teeth, adopts new super-capital technology. It is a new type of composite material for metal or metal-free restorations, which is micro-filled and light-cured veneer. It has high wear resistance and discoloration resistance. Polishing Good effect. No stickiness, easier to shape.


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Who is PFM suitable for?

1. Those with missing teeth

People with missing teeth can choose to be repaired with PFM. However, it is generally required that the number of deletions is small, that the adjacent teeth are healthy, that there is no inflammation or inflammation, that the treatment is controlled, and that porcelain dental restoration may be considered upon examination by a doctor.


2. Those with abnormal dentition

Patients with abnormal dentition morphology and who are not suitable for orthodontic treatment may consider PFM repair. Dentition is colloquially the distribution and arrangement of teeth. Abnormal dentition is not only bad teeth but also faces. Porcelain teeth can be a good solution to this problem and make the dentition form normal and even good-looking.


3. Those with dental caries or tooth defects

Caries or tooth defects are large, and the teeth are discolored gray or yellowish-brown, which can restore aesthetics and increase strength through PFM.


4. Those with broken and damaged teeth

If the tooth is broken or the root remains due to trauma, if the root is long enough and the periodontal condition is good, porcelain teeth can be repaired after perfect root canal treatment.


5. Those with poor tooth shape

Teeth that have poor color or shape, such as tetracycline teeth, conical small teeth, etc. These people may also consider restoring their teeth with porcelain teeth. Take tetracycline teeth as an example. After making porcelain teeth, you can not only make the teeth tidier but also cover up the original black color of the teeth.

China Dental Lab LOYAL BEAUTY Professional PFM repair technology can not only correct the shape of the teeth, but also change the color of the teeth, and is a good technique for dental plastic surgery.


What are the advantages of PFM?

1. High PFM intensity

PFM has extremely high strength. When metal and ceramic powder are melted and combined at high temperatures, it is enough to withstand chewing force in the mouth, and precious metals and ceramic teeth bond more strongly.


2. Good PFM sealing

PFM has good edge sealing. The production of porcelain teeth requires edge to fit. At 1mm below the gingival, plus a special non-water-soluble bonding material, the edge is sealed.


3. PFM color is natural

PFM repair is a dental restoration method that uses porcelain teeth as prostheses. It is a repair method that uses cast precious metal as a support core at the site of the defect or missing tooth and uses porcelain on the outside to achieve a repair method similar to the color and function of real teeth. Beautiful, the color can be adjusted to the same color as real teeth.


4. PFM is protective

PFM protects dental hard tissue and pulp because the teeth that need to be made of porcelain teeth are often discolored and caries teeth, after the porcelain crown is made, the whole real tooth is surrounded by gold in the middle, a chewing force acts on the crown, will not break or collapse, and the bonding agent and porcelain layer of porcelain crown has good insulation, prevent external irritation to the pulp damage.


5. Wide range of PFM repair

PFM repair has a wide range of uses, and uneven teeth are not suitable for other methods of correction and can be repaired with porcelain teeth. Porcelain tooth restoration can be performed for discoloration of teeth, tooth defects, dental caries, etc. Porcelain dental repair has the condition that porcelain collapse is not easy to occur, the color is realistic, the shape is good, and the repair effect is good.


6. Good biocompatibility with PFM

Good biocompatibility, especially porcelain teeth and all-porcelain teeth made of bio-precious metals, are corrosion resistant due to their electrical chemical inertness, and tissues are not allergic, while ordinary stainless steel porcelain teeth wear for a period of time, and a dark gray edge can be seen on the gingival margin.

Dental Lab LOYAL BEAUTY reminds you that PFM needs to be carried out after periodontal disease is cured because periodontal disease changes often lead to gum shrinkage and form periodontal bags. Adding veneers and porcelain crowns on such teeth will increase the burden of periodontal and aggravate the periodontal disease. Be sure to take care of your teeth carefully and carefully when wearing porcelain teeth. Otherwise, the purpose of whitening teeth will not be achieved.

PFM product features:

It has good abrasion resistance and no damage to the antagonist’s teeth. The color can be close to the natural teeth, with good permeability and layering.


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PFM adaptation range:

Five metal veneers, single crowns of front and back teeth, Maryland bridge; front and back teeth veneers with metal inner crowns and pontics of arbitrary units.


Precautions for PFM

1. PFM shedding

Reasons: wrong design of retention force; inaccurate repair body making; poor bonding; excessive occlusion force, etc.

Solution: Re-bond or redesign and fabricate the PFM.


2. Poor chewing

Causes: incorrect design of the retainer; occlusion high point of the prosthesis; irritation of the pulp caused by allergies, conductivity, bonding materials, etc.; imprecise production of the prosthesis causes periodontal and endodontic reactions.

Solution: Except for a few cases such as occlusion highs, PFM must generally be remade.


3. Periodontal lesions of the gums (bleeding gums, loose teeth, etc.)

Causes: poorly made prostheses; allergies; poor oral cleaning.

Solution: Periodontal routine treatment and remodeling of the prosthesis.


4. Collapsing porcelain (the porcelain layer and the metal layer are separated, exposing the metal color of the inner layer)

Causes: The prosthesis is not made precisely; the design of the prosthesis is unreasonable; the occlusion force is too large.

Workaround: Remake the PFM.


From the above PFM precautions, you can find that these adverse factors are mainly due to the imperfect production and treatment of porcelain teeth, so a series of problems occur with porcelain teeth after use.

Therefore, dental lab LOYAL BEAUTY wants you to choose a regular professional aesthetic medical institution for good porcelain dental restoration.


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