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China Dental Lab Loyal Beauty’s custom-made sports guard is an appliance that a sports player wears to protect the teeth and gum. To get your custom-fitted protection for sports.


What is Sports Guard?

Sports Guard, a scientific name of a sports mouthguard (MG), also known as sports guard, mouth guard, and oral guard, is a kind of guard worn on the teeth to protect the teeth against direct blows.

Sports Guard is a very important sports protective equipment used to prevent falls, body collisions, or flying equipment when playing sports.

These intense sports include football, rugby, basketball, hockey, skateboarding, gymnastics, cross country… and any activity that can damage the mouth.

China dental lab LOYAL BEAUTY Sports Guard is a reliable elastic device used to reduce damage to the oral cavity, especially the teeth and surrounding tissues.

Sports Guard can separate the maxillary and mandibular teeth, the teeth, and the surrounding soft tissues of the lips, cheeks, and tongue, effectively buffering the unexpected impact on the maxillofacial region and teeth and reducing the severity of the injury.

Sports Guard is a soft brace with a certain thickness, which is generally worn on the maxillary dentition. For close combat sports, it is often worn on both the upper and lower jaws.


Types of Sports Guard

chinese dental laboratory According to the standard of the American Society for Testing and Materials, mouth guards can be divided into 3 categories:

  • The first category: commercially available finished mouth guards, which can be used directly in the mouth after purchase.
  • The second category: commercial semi-finished mouth guards, after buying them, they are softened in boiling water, and then cooled and formed after biting in the mouth.
  • The third category: custom-made mouthguards, which can only be worn and used after obtaining an individual dental model and being produced by a professional institution. Customized mouth guards have their own designs and requirements according to different situations such as age, exercise type, degree of exercise resistance, their own dental conditions, and personal preferences.

Customized Sports Guard is the only oral protective device that has been recognized by many international authoritative professional organizations in Europe and the United States as having a real protective effect.

The material commonly used in the manufacture of Sports Guard is a polyolefin polymer compound, which has ideal cushioning properties and can also be designed in a color of personal preference, combining safety and style.

Sports Guard should be rinsed with cold water or mouthwash before and after use. If necessary, it can be washed with toothpaste and toothbrush, but cannot be disinfected with hot water, alcohol, sun exposure, etc. Sports Guard needs to be stored in a special container to avoid deformation under pressure.

However, Sports Guard isn’t set in stone. It gradually wears down with use, and protection and comfort are compromised. Especially for teenagers, the structure of the mouth is constantly growing and changing, and Sports Guard needs to be replaced more often.

In short, for sports participants who are at risk of dental and oral and maxillofacial injuries, it is recommended to find a professional dental lab to customize Sports Guard to better protect oral and jaw health.

China dental lab LOYAL BEAUTY custom-made sports guard is an appliance that a sports player wears to protect the teeth and gum.

sports guard

You can choose a single layer or multiple layers for the sports guard, and different colors and designs are available. This product is quite suitable for kids or adults who would like to protect teeth during playing football, basketball, boxing, hockey, and so on.

Sports Guard by China Dental Laboratory

chinese dental laboratory Sports guard works by slowing and distributing the force from a direct impact, whether by a person, hard surface, or something like a ball.

Sports Guard by Dental Design


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