Zirconia Crown

Zirconia crowns designed by China Dental Lab Loyal Beauty are an important product in dentistry. Unmatched strength and durability may be the biggest selling point of zirconia crowns.


The china zirconia crown is a highly durable and aesthetically pleasing dental restoration option that has become increasingly popular over the years. This type of crown is made from zirconia, a hard and durable ceramic material that is known for its high strength and biocompatibility.


zirconia teeths have a number of advantages over other types of dental restorations. One of the main benefits is their durability. Zirconia is a highly resilient material that is resistant to wear and tear, chipping, and cracking. This means that  can last for many years with proper care and maintenance, making them a cost-effective option in the long run.


Another advantage of it is their natural-looking appearance. Zirconia is a tooth-colored material that can be customized to match the color and shape of the patient’s natural teeth. This makes zirconia teeths an ideal option for patients who want a restoration that looks and feels like their own teeth.


zirconia teeth are also highly biocompatible, meaning they are well-tolerated by the body and do not cause any adverse reactions or allergies. This makes zirconia an ideal material for patients who are sensitive to other types of dental materials.


The process of getting a zirconia teeth typically involves several appointments with a dentist. During the first appointment, the dentist will prepare the tooth by removing any decay or damage and shaping it to fit the crown. They will then take an impression of the tooth to create a customized crown that fits perfectly. The impression is sent to a dental laboratory where the zirconia teeth is fabricated. Once the crown is ready, the patient returns to the dentist for placement and bonding.


Overall, zirconia teeth are a reliable and aesthetically pleasing dental restoration option that can last for many years with proper care and maintenance. If you are in need of a dental crown, talk to your dentist to see if a china zirconia crown is right for you.


why choose the popular Zirconia Crown


China design zirconia crowns are the strongest type of dental crowns and are probably the top choice for dentists worldwide to repair a severely damaged tooth. Specialists from China Dental Lab Loyal Beauty give the following reasons:

1. Most durable

Popular china zirconia crown are made up of powdered white metal oxide of zirconium, an element with titanium-like properties. Crowns made from zirconia are the strongest available and can withstand strong chewing and biting forces. Its do not easily break or chip off, unlike other crowns made from other materials. In fact, they are found to be 5x stronger than porcelain or porcelain-fused metal crowns.

2. Natural-looking

Popular china zirconia crown is a ceramic material. It is naturally white and greatly mimics natural tooth color. From an aesthetic standpoint, zirconia teeths are the best options to match with the rest of your teeth without anyone ever noticing the difference.

3.Biocompatible and Safe

In medicine, It is frequently used for various prostheses in many types of surgeries. This is due to zirconia’s proven biocompatibility with human tissue and does not cause any allergic reaction in patients making it 100% safe.

4. They conserve natural tooth

During crown placement, some portions of the natural teeth to be covered must be “reduced” to fit the new crown in. As mentioned,  Its have a strong inherent strength and only require thinner material and thereby conserving the natural tooth because less of the natural tooth needs reduction or removal. The more natural tooth remaining means less sensitivity.

5. They adhere well with natural tooth

China zirconia crown bonds well with the natural tooth and the crown stay well in place. One reason why designing popular Zirconia Crown procedures can be quick is the fact that dentists can bond these crowns to the tooth structure with ease.

6.100% Metal Free

A lot of patients previously opt for metal crowns like gold crowns for their superior quality. On the other hand, metal crowns do not look natural and most people find them unattractive. Porcelain-infused metal crowns also have visible metal linings and some patients do not like how they look. Some patients are also not comfortable with the thought of having metal parts in their bodies.they are 100% metal-free and are therefore best suited for individuals who want a more natural-looking smile.


Zirconia Crown Denture


How is China Dental Lab Loyal Beauty Zirconia Crowns made


In a dental lab, They are prepared from a block of zirconia. With advancements in technology, can be designed using 3D printing and milling technology which are more precise, durable, and time-efficient than other dental crowns. Some advanced clinics also have the correct equipment and technology to manufacture in-office.


How long can Zirconia Crowns last

Crowns are durable and can last up to 15 years if proper oral hygiene is maintained. As with normal teeth, crowns should be brushed and flossed regularly to keep them clean and free of harmful bacteria. Although they are very durable, always keep in mind that biting down on the very hard material can damage the crown (or even the natural tooth) if you are not careful with your diet, so proper upkeep and adhering to the right oral care are crucial to maintaining your porcelain crown brand The quality plays a big role.


China Dental Lab Zirconia crown Notes

  1. When wearing china zirconia crown porcelain teeth for the first time, you should eat soft food, and then eat normal food after getting used to it.
  2. Patients with slight discomfort when wearing it for the first time should practice it patiently and adapt gradually.
  3. Its porcelain teeth will break the porcelain when the pressure exceeds its stress range, so do not bite too hard for food, such as walnuts.
  4. Compared with before restoration, the alignment of the upper and lower cusps may change. Eat slowly and adapt gradually to avoid biting the buccal-lingual mucosa.
  5. The junction with the abutment is easy to accumulate plaque and form dental calculus. Pay attention to keeping your mouth clean and develop the habit of brushing your teeth after meals. You can use dental floss to clean the gaps between your teeth, and go to the hospital for regular checkups and cleanings.
  6. Due to the grinding of part of the enamel during tooth preparation, when the porcelain teeth are first worn, there will be heat and cold sensitivity or pain, which will gradually ease over time.
  7. Avoid eating too cold or hot food, so as not to cause irritation. China Dental Lab reminds you that you can eat normally in about two weeks.

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