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I heard that Safe and reliable china crown and bridge need to grind teeth, that removable dentures are uncomfortable, that there are tens of thousands of implants, and there is a risk of falling off… There are so many ways to repair missing teeth, which one is more suitable? Today’s article teaches you to understand removable dentures, dental implants and crown bridge restoration to help you make better decisions.

Crown and bridge design process

Some teeth are missing and do not need to be repaired, and these teeth that do not need to be repaired are wisdom teeth. There are two sets of teeth in a person’s life – deciduous teeth and permanent teeth, of which there are 20 deciduous teeth and 32 permanent teeth. Of the 32 permanent teeth, 4 are called wisdom teeth. However, with the refinement of human food and following the principle of use it or not, some people may not have wisdom teeth, or have 1 to 4 wisdom teeth, and very few people will have more than 4 wisdom teeth.


Wisdom teeth are usually not positioned right in the mouth, and are prone to hygienic dead spots that cannot be brushed by a toothbrush. If your missing teeth are wisdom teeth, you don’t need to consider repairing them.


The restoration of missing teeth may be done through orthodontics. If 28 functional teeth other than wisdom teeth are missing, restoration or orthodontic methods are needed to fill in the missing teeth. Repairing missing teeth through dentures, dental implants, Safe and reliable china crown and bridge can be said to be what is missing, which is understandable.


If you happen to have some problems such as irregular teeth, crowding, and missing teeth, you may wish to consider correction. While filling the missing teeth, you can adjust the relationship between the dentition and occlusion, and by the way, it may also improve the facial shape. However, these all require you to go to the interview and ask the doctor to determine whether it is feasible.


Three Common Ways to Repair Missing Teeth


If you are not missing wisdom teeth and cannot fill the missing teeth through orthodontics, then you can only complete the restoration through any one of the three methods of removable dentures, crown bridge restoration and dental implants.

1. Active dentures


Removable dentures use the remaining natural teeth, the mucosa and bone tissue under the base as support, rely on the retainer and base of the denture for retention, use artificial teeth to restore the form and function of missing teeth, and use base material to restore the defect. The alveolar ridge, jawbone and the surrounding soft tissue morphology, a kind of restoration that can be removed and worn by itself. Removable dentures are divided into full mouth and partial ones, which are suitable for complete tooth loss and individual tooth loss respectively.

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Advantages: Removable dentures have been used for the longest time and have a wider range of indications. They are suitable for full mouth or partial single missing multiple teeth, and they are cheap and do not grind (rarely grind) adjacent teeth.


2. Crown bridge repair


Safe and reliable china crown and bridge are also often referred to as continuous crown porcelain teeth. It is to use the teeth on both sides of the missing teeth, grind them down as “bridge piers”, and then put the connected crowns on the bridge piers as support, so that the position of the missing teeth is filled.


For the loss of full or partial teeth, crown and bridge restorations cannot be completed because there are no supporting teeth that can be used as “bridge piers”. For the loss of multiple non-adjacent teeth, there may be many healthy teeth that are worn out, and also May not be suitable for crown and bridge restorations.


The advantages of crown and bridge repair mainly include the following aspects:

  • Safe and reliable china crown and bridge can protect the hard tissue and pulp of the tooth. The teeth for porcelain teeth are often the teeth after root canal treatment. After the porcelain crown is made, the whole real tooth will be surrounded in the middle. The force of chewing acts on the crown without cracking or collapsing. The adhesive and layer of the cemented crown have good insulation and sealing properties, and also have a protective effect on the remaining tooth tissue.
  • Porcelain crowns have good edge sealing. The production of baked teeth requires the edge to be fitted at 0.5-1mm below the gingiva. Special non-water-soluble bonding materials can be added to ensure the edge sealing.
  • Porcelain crown and bridge can not only restore the function of teeth, but also have a cosmetic effect.
  • Porcelain crowns and bridges have good biocompatibility, especially for porcelain teeth and all-ceramic teeth made of precious metals, because of their corrosion resistance and no tissue allergy.
  • Porcelain crowns are easy to clean and easy to use, just brush your teeth at ordinary times.
  • Porcelain crowns and bridges increase the strength relatively, and the metal and ceramic powder are melted and combined at high temperature, which is enough to withstand the chewing force inside the mouth. Precious metals and ceramics have a stronger bond.
  • china crown and bridge porcelain crowns are more beautiful, and the color can be adjusted to make the color of real teeth, which will never change color, and the color of all-ceramic teeth is more ideal, and the refractive index is the same as that of real teeth. Porcelain crowns and bridges have many of the above advantages, and have a good repair effect on the loss of a single tooth or a few missing teeth.


3. Dental Implants


Dental Implant, many people think that a screw is screwed in the gum, but dental implants are not just as simple as screwing a screw. Because the artificial roots of dental implants are made of pure titanium or titanium alloy, they can be closely combined with our alveolar bone and integrated into one. firm.


Because dental implants do not require front and rear teeth for support, like removable dentures, they are suitable for single, multiple missing, and full and partial loss. As long as the alveolar bone conditions are met, there is no serious periodontal disease, and the systemic health such as blood sugar and blood pressure also meets the requirements, implant restoration is usually possible.


Advantages: Dental implants not only have a wide range of indications, but also can restore more than 90% of the chewing force without wearing adjacent teeth, and the use experience is comparable to natural teeth.


In fact, when choosing a repair method, whether it is Safe and reliable china crown and bridge or other methods, it may affect our choice due to various reasons such as time and money. There is no so-called best choice. choose. No matter which repair method you choose, China dental lab LOYAL BEAUTY would like to remind you, please choose a reliable doctor!

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