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With the continuous development of oral implant technology, people’s requirements for quality of life are gradually increasing. As the preferred repair solution for dental defects, dental implants are becoming more and more popular, making implants more and more widely used in stomatology.


Dental design dental implants use surgery to implant implants made of artificial materials (titanium alloy, pure titanium, etc.) into the alveolar bone so that the implant and the alveolar bone form a firm bone bond and connect the implant and the crown through screw fixing, bonding and fixing [1]. So dental implants are similar to “shifting flowers and picking up trees” instead of “sowing seeds” and waiting for them to grow.

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2.What kind of dental design teeth are made of?


Perform a preoperative examination. First, an oral examination is required to observe the patient’s oral condition and missing teeth and determine how to choose an implant. Second, conduct blood tests such as blood routine and clotting time to avoid infectious diseases and conduct infection screening. Finally, an imaging X-ray examination is required to choose a good treatment method.


Implantation surgery is performed according to the dental design implant plan. An implant is implanted on the alveolar bone for trauma suture, and the thread can be removed after 1 to 2 weeks. Wait for the implant to combine with the alveolar bone (around 3 months) and set up a healing abutment. Place crowns to complete the dental implant process.

3.Are dental design dental implants painful or dangerous?


In general, dental design dental implant surgery is a smaller alveolar surgery, similar to tooth extraction, using local anesthesia, less traumatic, minimally invasive surgery, and can be eaten after surgery with little pain. Generally, implant implantation only takes a few tens of minutes to 1 hour to complete.


Due to the selection of biomaterials that are highly compatible with the human body, dental design dental implants will not cause any adverse reactions to the human body. Even if the bone integration of the implant fails, it can be removed and replanted after the wound heals or changed to ordinary dentures. Therefore, even if the implantation of a denture fails, the consequences are not terrible.

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4.What materials are dental implants made of?


Dental implants are mainly divided into implants, abutments, and crowns. We should follow the doctor’s advice and circumstances to choose the right dental implant. The crown of an implant is the tooth we implant. It is made of the following three materials:


  1. Metal crowns: The cost of metal crowns is low, but there are certain differences in color and natural teeth, and they have a certain effect on MRI. If the aesthetic requirements are too high and people are allergic to metals, use them with caution.
  2. Porcelain crowns are made of metal to make the inner layer of height and then use special porcelain materials to condense on the metal surface through high temperatures. It has high hardness, can damage natural teeth, and is prone to collapse when used for a long time, but it is beautiful.
  3. All-porcelain crowns: There is no metal in the crown, and the appearance of natural teeth is almost the same. It is more beautiful and natural, will not cause discoloration of the gums, and will not affect the MRI examination. Still, the manufacturing process is complicated, and the cost is high.


5.Advantages of dental design dental implants


  1. Dental dental implants have higher chewing efficiency than traditional dentures and can restore oral function to the maximum extent.
  2. There is no need to wear healthy adjacent teeth; they can be as beautiful and natural as real teeth. There is no need to snap rings for active dentures, no effect on pronunciation, no taste retardation, and discomfort.
  3. It takes a long time to repair and can be used for a long time as there is good bone bonding
  4. It can maintain the protrusion and fullness of the alveolar for a long time and prevent alveolar atrophy caused by missing teeth.

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6.How to maintain dental design dental implants?


After dental design, dental implants are missing teeth; you need to pay attention to maintenance in your daily life. If you do not pay attention, various problems may arise. So how should dental implants be maintained?


1.Avoid chewing foods that are too hard and avoid excessive stress

Dental design dental implants have a good chewing function. However, patients may feel that implants are better than their natural teeth because there is no periodontal membrane around the implant, nerve innervation, and no pain when biting hard objects. But the feeling of no pain is no self-protection; I don’t know how important it is, it won’t be avoided, and the overload is completely unknown. Therefore, patients should consciously avoid biting too hard on foods with dental implants; otherwise, it is often too late to find a problem.


2.Quit smoking


Smoking increases the incidence of periostitis in dental design implants, leading to implantation failure, so patients who smoke are better off quitting smoking after dental implants.


3.Don’t forget to review

Regular periodontal cleaning and periodic review. Generally, you need to go to the hospital every 6 months for periodontal cleaning and inspection, remove calculus that cannot be removed by regular brushing in time, and deal with problems in time. Abnormalities found during normal use should be consulted promptly.


Dental design dental implants require the use of special periodontal cleaning equipment. Do not use ordinary periodontal cleaners, scrapers, etc., to clean and scrape the implant. Otherwise, it will damage the surface of the implant. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly visit a medical institution with conditions to maintain dental implants.


4.Pay attention to oral hygiene

When there is a dental design implant in the oral cavity, special attention should be paid to the hygiene of the implant. The key part of cleaning is the neck of the implant and the surrounding gum tissue, and a toothbrush with soft bristles and bristle tips should be used. In addition to insisting on brushing your teeth once a day, morning and evening, and gargling after meals, because the neck of implants is generally narrower than natural teeth, especially the back teeth, and the gap between the teeth is relatively large, it is highly recommended to use floss or interdental brushes to clean the adjacent surfaces and crevices of the teeth.


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