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With the continuous improvement of living standards, people’s requirements for the aesthetics and comfort of dental restorations are also increasing, and china dental implants have attracted more and more people’s attention and favor.


Dental Implant refers to a edentulous restoration method that supports and retains the upper dental restoration based on the lower structure implanted in the bone tissue. It includes two parts, the lower supporting implant and the upper dental restoration. Artificial materials such as cermets are used to make the implant similar to the root shape. It is surgically implanted into the tissue and obtains a firm retention support for the bone tissue. A special device and way of connecting supports the upper dental restoration.


china dental implants can achieve restoration results that are very similar to natural teeth in function, structure and aesthetics, and have become the preferred restoration method for more and more edentulous patients. The structure of real teeth is above the gums is the crown, and below the gums is the root, which is fixed on the alveolar bone to support the occlusal force, so that the whole tooth remains upright and does not shake.


Implant technology improves the loss of traditional removable dentures. Artificial roots are directly implanted in the missing teeth. After the artificial roots and bones grow and close, the dentures are installed, so that the overall structure of implants is similar to real teeth, practical and aesthetic. increase.

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 Traditional dentures are removable and fixed


The removable type is very common. The disadvantage is that it is easy to fall off, especially the full dentures are completely fixed by the gums, so you must be very careful when using them. It also accelerates the recession of the gums. Another problem is that the patient who just wears it will have slurred pronunciation, and it takes about a month to get used to it, and the removable dentures have the risk of accidental retreat, such as sneezing and laughing too much may cause embarrassment.


In addition to the entire removable dentures, there is also a fixed Crown And Bridge. The principle of making a dental bridge is that if one real tooth is missing, three dentures must be made. The so-called dental bridge refers to three or more connected. Dentures use the left and right dentures to be fixed on the healthy teeth as two points. As the name suggests, it is like building a bridge, and the weight is evenly distributed on the piers on both sides. For a fixed dental bridge, at least two good teeth must be removed. Although the removed teeth are protected by dentures, the junction of the real teeth and the dentures may be invaded by saliva and dental plaque after using it for a long time. Tooth decay develops slowly.



What is an implant


An implant is a precision-machined, specially-treated, sterile-packaged titanium screw that replaces the root of a tooth when it cannot be used. Like the root of a tooth, it can “grow” on the alveolar bone.


Are dental implants safe

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Oral Dental Implant is already a safe and proven treatment. As long as you take good care of it, implants are like real teeth and can last a lifetime. How well you care for your implants (and whether you visit your doctor regularly for maintenance) can directly affect the lifespan of your implants.


If implants are not well cared for, just like real teeth, you can also get periodontitis. Left untreated, it can lead to gum infection, bleeding, pain, and loss of implants, all of which can occur with real teeth. When properly cared for and the alveolar bone in which the implant is installed is strong and healthy, you can expect the implant to last a lifetime.


Does it hurt to install dental implants

Implants are often easier to install than tooth extractions by a professional implantologist, usually using only local anesthesia. You won’t feel any pain during the procedure, but, as with a tooth extraction, you may experience some discomfort for a week after the procedure. General anesthesia is rarely used for implant placement and is generally reserved for very complex cases.


How long will the treatment take

Before the treatment starts, China dental lab LOYAL BEAUTY will provide you with an approximate timetable. Dentures are usually installed three to six months after implant placement. Please refer to the time prescribed by your dentist.


Implant-implant technology is now used to install the crown at the same time as the implant is placed. However, there must be strict indications, and the specific needs to be evaluated by a professional implant doctor.


 How to maintain dental implants

  • It is forbidden to bite hard objects. There are baroreceptors around the roots of normal natural teeth. When the chewing pressure is too high, it will cause pain to prevent the further progress of chewing. However, there are no receptors around the implants of dental implants. When the implant causes damage), there is generally no pain reminder, so it is recommended not to use the implant to chew on hard things (such as bones, walnut shells, crab shells) to avoid irreversible damage.
  • Implants must be cleaned when brushing. Improper cleaning will lead to plaque accumulation, which can easily cause peri-implantitis and affect the life of the implants.
  • Be sure to review china dental implant regularly to discover possible problems in time.

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