The Benefits of Using Zirconia Crowns in Dental Design

Dentists around the world use zirconia crowns for dental design. This type of crown helps to support the teeth and prevent further cavities and lesions caused by dental erosion. As a result, zirconia crowns offer numerous benefits for dental design.

Strength and Durability

The main benefit of using zirconia crowns is the strength and durability that they provide. Zirconia is a strong and durable material, which ensures that the crown maintains its shape, even under the pressure of biting down. The crown won’t easily chip, break or wear down, typically providing years of service. As a result, zirconia crowns are a cost effective treatment that can provide impressive longevity.


As well as being strong and durable, zirconia crowns also offer aesthetic benefits. Zirconia is a white ceramic material that can be easily blended with the color of the natural teeth. This allows dentists to design crowns that are nearly indistinguishable from the patient’s real teeth.

Low Allergy Potential

Unlike other materials used for dental design, zirconia rarely causes allergic reactions. It is a non-toxic material that is not susceptible to corrosion or bleaching, and is therefore unlikely to cause a reaction in sensitive individuals.


Zirconia crowns offer dental professionals many advantages when it comes to dental design. They are strong and durable, aesthetically pleasing, and offer low allergy potential. As a result, zirconia is an excellent choice for crowns and other treatments that require long-term durability.


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