The difference between dental implant and dental crown and bridge

Dental Implant


The effect of dental implants


Dental implants are the most advanced way to replace missing teeth. Various dental implant techniques have undergone significant development in recent years. In today’s modern dental medical technology, the raw materials used in dental implants are strictly made of substances that are compatible with human tissue and will not cause rejection. The raw material used in dental implants is titanium.

In the simplest way, a dental implant can be compared to an artificial tooth root, which is placed in the jawbone by a doctor. After that (at least 3 months later) a dental crown and bridge or denture is placed after the bone has grown. This allows the full function of the tooth to be filled.

Dental implants to replace missing teeth can improve:


  1. chewing and language;
  2. Improve human comfort by improving facial aesthetics;
  3. Regain self-confidence by removing bumps on the face;
  4. Relieve stomach symptoms by improving the chewing function of the teeth.


China Dental Outsourcing screw retained bridge


Conditions that cannot be treated with dental implants:


  1. Hematopoietic or blood coagulation disorders;
  2. severe diabetes;
  3. hemophilia;
  4. are taking certain medicines (drugs used to treat osteoporosis, so-called bisphosphonates);
  5. heavy smoking;
  6. Poor oral hygiene.

Whether a patient is suitable for dental implant services can only be judged after careful examination of the patient.

Because filled teeth are so similar to natural teeth, the average person cannot tell the difference at all, thus we can be sure that dental implants function the same as natural teeth.


Advantages of dental implant filling technology:


  • If only one or two teeth are missing, you can avoid making bridges and wearing down other healthy teeth.
  • The success rate of dental implants exceeds 98%
  • Dental implants are suitable for any age group after the human body has passed the age of bone growth.
  • If the back tooth is missing, a fixed filling can be used instead of a partial denture.
  • In the absence of teeth, by implanting a small number of teeth, the dentures can be kept from loosening when speaking or chewing, reducing the problems caused by ordinary dentures.
  • Provides comfort while speaking and chewing, making socializing easier.
  • You can avoid the elderly feeling of using removable dentures.
  • It can make people enjoy the taste of food and the joy of chewing food again.


Raw materials for dental implants


The modern raw material used today for dental implants is pure titanium. Titanium is a substance that can coexist with human fibers and will not cause allergic reactions. Implanted titanium teeth have a long lifespan.

Oral cleanliness and regular dental care must also be given high priority after implant surgery, so that implants can last for decades.

Over 28,000 dental implants have been placed in our dental and oral practice.


Who is suitable for dental implants?


The area of the jawbone undergoing dental implant surgery must remain completely healthy and free of any inflammation. The site must maintain appropriate oral hygiene and have adequate bone. If the above conditions are met, dental implant surgery can be completed at this site. The judgment is made by the dental experts of our clinic through X-ray analysis.

If you have gum disease, calculus or cavities in your mouth, all of the above must be addressed before implant surgery.


dental implant process


First, the gums are incised and opened to expose the jawbone in the corresponding parts, and then the bone position for the implantation of the dentures is selected.

Use a small drill to mark the selected location and replace it with other drills to drill holes of the appropriate depth according to the height of the corresponding bone part.

Thereafter, the hole is widened to the thickness of the root of the implant with a drill bit that increases the hole width. This step generally requires the replacement of 2-3 drill bits.

Screw the implant into the hole until the bone is level or below the bone.

The gums are then turned back over the bone and the wound is sutured.




The state of the jawbone is judged by a doctor through X-rays. Dental implants require other teeth and gums to be in good condition.


What are the differences between dental implants and dental crown and bridges?


1. Service life


With proper care, dental implants can generally be used for more than 15 years, and zirconia dental bridges should be replaced every 10 years or so, otherwise, the porcelain crown and the tooth body are not tightly combined, and the internal abutment teeth are prone to caries.


2. Chewing efficiency


Implants and dental crowns and bridges also do not have periodontal ligaments, so chewing is not as comfortable as real teeth, but it is better to eat with dentures and without dentures.


3. Operation time


Zriconia bridge repair is relatively simple. After the mold is taken, the processing is completed, and a layer of enamel on both sides of the healthy teeth is removed before the Crown And Bridge Attachment can be put on. Three together to fill the missing teeth can be completed in a week, but the implant surgery is much more complicated, and it takes at least half a year to complete.


Crown and bridge of dental laboratory


4. Price


Zirconia bridge is composed of three crowns, and the fee is naturally charged for three. If it is a dental implant, it depends on which country’s implant system you choose. For example, implant system in Germany is relatively cheap.


What are the advantages of dental implants over dentures?


  1. No damage to adjacent teeth. The first step in dentures is to polish the abutment teeth. Only two abutment teeth can “carry” the missing teeth in the middle.
  2. Long service life. Even the world’s first dental implant was 40 years old, and dentures can’t last that long.
  3. Closer to the bite force of natural teeth. Dental implants can restore more than 90% of the normal bite force.


Does it cost tens of thousands of dollars to plant a tooth?


Dental implants are not unattainable.


Tens of thousands are high-end brands, often European and American brands with earlier development of dental implant technology. Of course, the price of the same implant in cities with different consumption levels may vary exponentially.


If you have a friend who is missing teeth, you can get more implantation discounts on the Big Elephant APP, whether you can choose implants or try not to have teeth.


What is the situation of porcelain tooth restoration?


  1. For example, zirconia dental crown and bridges are used for inlays, and after root canal treatment, there are fewer teeth left. In addition, the teeth that lose the pulp will become brittle, and they must be protected by braces. This is a single crown. , also have to grind the enamel, but the wear is not much.
  2. Because the tooth itself has been decayed, the final step of the implant is to install a single all-ceramic tooth, which does not need to be worn. For example, crown fractures caused by dental trauma, severe tetracycline teeth, and even fluorosis can be solved by porcelain dental restoration. If you have missing teeth, dental implant restoration is better than zirconia crown. The material is one aspect, and the choice of the doctor is the most important.

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