Unlock the Beauty of Your Smile with Design Zirconia Crowns

Design Zirconia crowns are an excellent option to restore both the form and function of your natural teeth. They provide superior strength and natural beauty, giving you the confidence to show off your smile.

What Are Design Zirconia Crowns?

Design Zirconia crowns are a type of dental restoration that provides superior stability and natural beauty. They are made from high-grade zirconium oxide, a durable material that is non-porous and virtually stain-proof. This makes them a great choice for long-term oral health and aesthetic results.

Benefits of Design Zirconia Crowns

Design Zirconia crowns offer a number of benefits for your oral health, including:

    • Durability: These crowns are incredibly strong and resistant to wear.


    • Life-like appearance: Their natural translucence allows them to blend seamlessly with your other teeth.


    • Stain-resistant: Zirconium oxide is non-porous and highly resistant to staining, unlike porcelain crowns.


    • Lower risk of tooth decay: By preventing bacteria from entering the root canals and near the gums, you are at a lower risk of tooth decay.


    • Minimally invasive: The procedure for installing zirconia crowns is minimally invasive and causes little discomfort.


Are Design Zirconia Crowns Right for Me?

Design Zirconia crowns are a great choice for anyone who wants a strong and durable restoration that provides natural beauty and stability. If you are considering a dental restoration, speak to your dentist about whether Design Zirconia crowns are the right choice for you.

Design Zirconia crowns are a superior option for restoring your smile. Their strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal make them a great choice for those looking to unlock the beauty of their smile. Contact your dentist to find out more about Design Zirconia crowns and learn how they can help you.


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