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china denture laboratory said that as the saying goes, “one hair can move the whole body”, and the same is true of teeth for the body.


There are not a few people who lose their teeth due to trauma, tooth decay, aging, etc., but if it is not “knocked off the front teeth” such as the loss of teeth that obviously affects the appearance. Many people may not particularly care. In fact, missing teeth for a long time, even just one, will have adverse effects on the entire oral and maxillofacial system. If it is not repaired in time, it may cause unpredictable damage to the health of the body.

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The dangers of missing teeth


1. The adjacent teeth are inclined or the remaining teeth are lost


When a tooth in the dentition is missing, the alveolar bone will shrink to varying degrees, and the adjacent teeth will begin to tilt due to the loss of support and restraint.


If it is not repaired for a long time, the adjacent healthy teeth will lose support, incline, shift, and loosen toward the missing tooth space, and finally the adjacent teeth will be “laid off”.


2. Affect the beauty


If the repeated tooth loss is not paid attention to and repaired, the problem will become more and more. If the front teeth are missing, it can affect the appearance when speaking and smiling.


When individual teeth are missing, it has little effect on pronunciation, but when many teeth are missing, especially when the front teeth are missing or all teeth are missing, it can cause different degrees of dysphonia, making it difficult and unclear to speak.


If there are many missing teeth, the cheeks may be sunken inward due to the loss of support, the facial folds will be many, the nasolabial folds will be deepened, and the corners of the mouth will sink, showing an obvious aging state.


3. The opposite teeth grow wildly or lead to jammed teeth


The teeth opposite to the missing teeth may overgrow because there is no vertical pressure, resulting in occlusal disorder, which is not only unfavorable for future tooth restoration, but also increases food impaction.


Over time, the local periodontal tissue will be destroyed and cause inflammation, which will lead to periodontitis, manifested as gingival recession, abscesses, and often bad breath.


According to china denture laboratory, total tooth plugging will also aggravate local caries and make food more likely to be impacted, forming a vicious circle. Maintaining a normal frequency of chewing is conducive to maintaining the vitality of the brain. If the elderly cannot install the missing teeth in time, it may accelerate the degeneration of brain function. Therefore, once a tooth is lost, the missing tooth should be repaired as soon as possible without delay.

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There are three main ways to restore missing teeth


1. Porcelain teeth


Porcelain tooth restoration is mainly by grinding away a layer of dentin of the adjacent teeth on both sides, wrapping the braces and attaching the intermediate dentures, and connecting the three together to form a shape similar to a “bridge”, so it is also called a fixed bridge restoration.


Advantages: After the restoration of porcelain teeth, the teeth are firm, the chewing function is better, and the beauty seeker will not feel discomfort.


2. Removable dentures


china denture laboratory indicated that removable denture is a relatively simple restoration method, which has the advantages of low cost and less removal of healthy tooth tissue.


However, it is large in size and has a large area of ​​base. The foreign body in the mouth is very strong. At the same time, the artificial teeth of removable dentures are generally plastic teeth, and the chewing efficiency is low. Mucous membranes and muscles undergo an adaptation process.


Removable dentures are prone to food residues due to their structure, so they need to be cleaned in time after each meal. When going to bed at night, it needs to be removed and soaked in cold water to give the mucous membranes a proper rest, and at the same time prevent removable dentures from being swallowed into the esophagus or airway during sleep. Removable dentures often have exposed metal clasps or bases, so they are less aesthetically pleasing.


Advantages: Removable teeth repair dentin of less grinding team, the price is cheap, and it can be removed and worn by itself, which is more suitable for the elderly.


3. Dental Implants


Dental implants, also known as artificial dental implants, are medical means, through precise design, made of titanium metal into a shape similar to the root of a tooth, and surgically implanted into the alveolar bone in the edentulous area. After 1-3 months, wait until the dental implants are in close contact with the alveolar bone, and then make a porcelain crown on the artificial dental implants.


Advantages: Dental Implant can be deeply implanted into the bone without grinding the dentin of the adjacent teeth on both sides. Regardless of the chewing function and the aesthetic appearance, it is almost the same as the natural tooth, so it is called “the third set of human teeth”.

4. Fixed bridge


Fixed bridge is a relatively common repair method. Compared with removable dentures, it has less foreign body sensation, does not need to be removed, and has good aesthetic performance and high chewing efficiency.


This repair method requires grinding of the tooth tissue in the front and rear adjacent teeth in the missing area, so it will damage the healthy teeth on both sides.


If there is a problem with one of the fixed bridges after repair, the entire fixed bridge usually needs to be removed and redone. And when there are too many missing teeth, it is often not possible to use this restoration method.


How to choose the right repair method


  • The location and number of missing teeth.
  • The condition of the teeth and bone around the missing teeth.
  • Under the same conditions, the final effect of repair is Planting > Fixed Bridge > Active Bridge.


What are the limitations of implant restoration


The china denture laboratory said that in the past, implant restoration had higher requirements on bone mass, but at present, the requirements for bone mass in implant restoration have been greatly reduced due to the application of bone grafting and the development of various specifications of implants. Therefore, the general absolute contraindications mainly focus on progressive periodontal disease, uncontrolled diabetes, jawbone and oral mucosal diseases after radiotherapy.


At present, more and more people pay attention to their quality of life and choose to restore their teeth, but people often struggle with which restoration method to choose. It is recommended that you understand the pros and cons of various repair methods before choosing, and choose a repair program that is most suitable for you. When a missing tooth needs to be repaired in time, after the missing time is too long, there is often no ideal position for repair due to the movement of other teeth.


If your relatives and friends have missing teeth, be sure to repair the missing teeth as soon as possible. The sooner they are repaired, the sooner they will benefit.


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