Dental Outsourcing:What are the methods of Crown and Bridge Repair?

Tooth loss is related to many factors, such as tooth loss after a certain age, and tooth decay due to poor dental care, which is also easy to cause tooth loss, and tooth loss caused by trauma. . No matter what the cause of tooth loss, Crown and Bridge Repair should be done as soon as possible so that you can have a full mouth of teeth, which is not only beautiful, but also allows you to chew more fully when eating, which is more beneficial to your health.

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What are the methods of Crown and Bridge Repair? Which works better?

1.Single Crown and Bridge Repair method

Many people in China don’t know much about the Crown Bridge. In fact, Crown and Bridge Repair is almost the same as our bridge. It has piers and also a bridge deck. The pier is an abutment for support, and as a bridge deck is A carrier that rests on the abutment. The single-crowned bridge has higher requirements for the abutment and must be firm, because it is like a bridge pier. Only the bridge pair is firm enough, so that the restored dentures can chew food with greater strength.


2.Double crown bridge method

The double crown is actually like a bridge on top of two bridge piers, which is relatively more stable, so two relatively strong and stable abutments are needed as carriers, so that the dentures can be made stronger after being fixed, whether it is to eat Nuts, or foods that eat bones, can have a relatively strong bite.


3.The effect of double crown bridge dentures is better.

No matter how many teeth are missing, whether it is caused by trauma, or tooth loss caused by cavities, or serious tooth loss in the elderly, when choosing crowns and bridges, there are more choices for double-bridge crowns. The reason for choosing the double bridge crown is that he is relatively effective in this way. Especially when chewing hard objects, it will be far more than a single-crowned bridge, especially if some teeth are more seriously lost, it is more suitable for a double-crowned bridge to be installed.


Which dental conditions are suitable for crown bridge dentures?

1.Tooth loss caused by trauma

If the trauma causes tooth loss, especially the front incisors, crown bridges can be used to make the front teeth more fixed. Because the teeth fall out due to trauma, the posterior molars are generally relatively strong. The dentures that can be repaired directly by choosing double bridges not only look realistic, but also resemble real teeth when chewing food. The reason is because there are still many healthy teeth, and they will be stronger after being fixed.


2.Tooth loss in the elderly

Generally, the elderly in China will lose their teeth as they age, but some elderly people still have relatively strong teeth after they are 70 years old or even 80 years old. For example, the front incisors are relatively strong, and there are 2-3 posterior molars that are relatively strong. Elderly people like this are more suitable for restoration with crown bridges. The dentures that can be achieved are better and more realistic. Even seniors can eat some nuts without a problem.

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3.Tooth loss caused by tooth decay

The reason why many young people lose their teeth is often related to cavities. The cavities can easily cause the teeth to fall out, or the teeth are hollow, and the teeth must be extracted. In this case, you can choose a crown bridge to repair your teeth. After restoration, it is similar to natural teeth, and it can also chew hard objects. It also looks almost in sync with natural teeth in terms of aesthetics.


What factors are related to the price of crown and bridge dentures?


1.Different methods and different prices

In the Crown and Bridge Repair, the method is different, and the price is also different. The price of the single-crown bridge and the double-crown bridge will be different. For example, the single-crown bridge will cost more because it is more difficult. However, when you choose to repair your own teeth, the purpose is to make your teeth look beautiful and practical after repairing. You must choose a method that suits you, even if it is a bit more expensive, because it is more suitable for you to choose.


2.Different materials have different prices

The materials used in China Crown and Bridge Repair are different. For example, some materials are more expensive, and some materials are average. If the selected materials are different, it is also directly related to the different prices. However, for families with better conditions, it is best to choose materials with higher hardness and brightness, especially for their natural teeth, so that after the dentures are repaired, they can look similar to their own healthy teeth, and have higher hardness. Eat some hard food, and the service life is relatively long, in fact, the price is a little more expensive, and you should also choose good materials to restore your teeth.


People with tooth loss have no age difference, because their own tooth loss is related to many factors, so no matter what kind of tooth loss is caused, in order to look beautiful and not affect when chewing food, Crown and Bridge Repair must be done as soon as possible . China dental lab LOYAL BEAUTY has a very good repair effect in this regard, making the teeth look beautiful and practical, worthy of your trust.


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