What to do with yellow teeth? Prevention awareness is very important

The primordial effect is very important in the interaction between people. After all, no one wants to leave a bad impression on the other person, and with a bright smile and neat white teeth, it is not impossible to make the other person fall in love at first sight. But when someone smiles at you with a big yellow tooth, do you feel “beautiful and blind”? Similarly, if the big yellow tooth is yourself?

Why do teeth turn yellow?

Generally speaking, there are four main reasons for yellow teeth: age-related yellow teeth, food, medicine and water quality and hygiene habits.

When the teeth are just erupting, the color is relatively white, but with time and age, the teeth will appear more and more yellow. It is a normal physiological change, which belongs to the age-related changes of teeth, and does not require treatment.

However, the yellowing of some teeth is directly related to dental caries and bad habits. For example, plaque-enamel teeth, also known as fluorosis, are caused by excessive fluoride concentration in drinking water. When the fluorine concentration exceeds one part per million, it will affect the calcification process of the tooth germ, and the surface of the tooth will become yellow, uneven, and dot or strip depressed defects will appear. Plaque-enamel teeth often occur when teeth develop and calcify before the age of 5 years.

Tetracycline teeth are caused by regular use of tetracycline during childhood. It combines with calcium in the body to form a yellow complex of tetracycline calcium, which is deposited on the crown of the tooth.

Another is caused by smoking, and the yellow substance in the tobacco sticks to the teeth.

What is the harm of tooth yellow?

Although a big yellow tooth and a big golden tooth can give people a visual impact, their psychological feelings are completely different. Yellow teeth will not only affect a person’s external image, but also cause a great negative psychological reaction. Not only that, yellow teeth can also affect oral health. After a long time, it may also cause various oral diseases, so early treatment is needed.

What are the ways to deal with tooth yellow?

If yellow teeth are caused by tartar, generally only need to wash the teeth to whiten the teeth. If yellow teeth are caused by tetracycline teeth, dental fluorosis, etc., veneer whitening can be performed. If yellow teeth are caused by enamel hypoplasia, or due to other reasons, dental filling is required in this case, and it is recommended to go first The hospital asks the doctor to check and perform further treatment according to the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment plan.

How to pay attention to prevent yellow teeth?

Of course, although the tooth yellow problem can be solved by treatment at present, the usual attention should not be ignored. It is necessary to develop good hygiene habits, do not smoke, drink less pigmented beverages, brush your teeth every day, rinse your mouth after meals, and go regularly. Teeth cleaning and so on.


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