China dental outsourcing:What types of sports mouthguards are there? Choose based on what?

When exercising, especially intense sports, in order to protect your teeth and your cervical spine, you need to use a sports mouthguard. However, as a user, before choosing, you should also know what types are there, and what to choose the right mouthguard when you choose so that you can protect your teeth when wearing it, and you will not feel uncomfortable wearing it. , it will not affect the appearance, such a mouthguard is worth using by yourself.


What sports is the sports mouthguard suitable for?


1. Boxing

Boxing is very confrontational. If you don’t wear a mouthguard during the competition, it is easy to cause the teeth to fall out, and it is easy to cause cervical spine injury. Therefore, during the boxing competition, according to the regulations, you must wear a sports mouthguard to protect your teeth.


2. Basketball game

It seems that there is no direct impact on the teeth during basketball games, but basketball games are more confrontational, and it is easy to cause damage to teeth and the cervical spine. You must also wear a mouthguard during basketball games so that It can better protect your teeth and protect your cervical spine.

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3. Rugby game

Rugby games are also more confrontational, because it will cause confrontation between limbs, so in order to avoid knocking out teeth and trauma to your cervical spine, you should also choose to wear a mouthguard that suits you.


4.Taekwondo competition

Taekwondo competitions are also more intense now, especially if Taekwondo kicks oneself in the mouth, or hits the mouth with hands, it is easy to cause the teeth to fall out. Therefore, when competing, especially in Taekwondo with a relatively large level, it is more necessary to choose to bring a sports mouthguard.


5. Mountain racing

Mountain racing also needs to wear a mouthguard, because if there is an accident in mountain racing, the damage to the body is relatively heavy, especially the teeth, if the face touches the ground in the event of an accident, it is easy to cause Tooth is falling out, so wearing a mouthguard will prevent damage to your teeth.


What are the general types of sports mouthguards?


1. Customized mouth guard

This type of sports mouthguard can be carried out in dental clinics, including professional dental laboratories in China, and is specially designed and specially made according to the condition of your teeth. Because it is designed and customized according to your own teeth, this type of mouthguard is more comfortable to wear and can protect your teeth to the greatest extent. The dentist will first take a dental impression for you, and then make a mouthguard according to the shape of your teeth. Because the mouthguard fits better with your teeth, it will feel comfortable to wear.


2. Preformed mouthguard

This mouthguard is relatively inexpensive, and it is pre-formed and ready to wear. Unfortunately, this type of mouthguard is usually not particularly suitable to wear, it also looks clumsy, it has an uncomfortable feeling to wear, and some people even feel that breathing is relatively difficult. It is also not convenient enough to speak. The reason why many people are willing to choose to wear it is often that they are reluctant to spend money, and they will choose it when they think it is cheap.


3. Heated bite mouthguard

The sports mouthguard shape is performed and then heated through the mouthguard in water to change its shape and then bite to fit different individuals. Mouthguards of this type are generally available at many sporting goods stores. However, mouthguards of this type are relatively tight and less comfortable. Therefore, when choosing, especially in the more intense boxing games, including rugby and taekwondo, try not to choose this.

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 A good mouthguard should meet these requirements


1. Appropriate size and thickness

If you want your sports mouthguard to be more comfortable to wear, it must be of a size suitable for your mouth and teeth, and the thickness should be appropriate because if it is larger and does not fit your mouth and teeth, it will affect breathing and even speech. The protection of the teeth is also not good enough.


2. Wear it comfortably

If the mouthguard you choose is not comfortable enough to wear, it will directly harm your teeth and gums. Therefore, when choosing to wear a mouthguard, you must first consider its comfort. As long as it is more comfortable to wear, especially in terms of fixation, it is relatively firm and has good adhesion. A mouthguard like this is basically the same as wearing it. Natural teeth are about the same.


3. Protects the teeth

Because the purpose of wearing a sports mouthguard is to protect your teeth, you must put the protection of your teeth first when choosing a mouthguard. Therefore, it is best to go to a dental hospital or a larger hospital for occlusion when choosing and let the dentist design it for you. Such a mouthguard can not only protect your teeth but is also more comfortable to wear.


China dental outsourcing LOYAL BEAUTY, a sports mouthguard is mainly used to protect teeth and is suitable for intense sports. There are many types of mouthguards. When choosing, you must choose a mouthguard that is suitable for your mouth and teeth. It is recommended to perform it in a regular professional institution. Made to order so you can wear them comfortably and truly protect your teeth.



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