Dental Outsourcing:Who are metal porcelain teeth suitable for?

There are many types of porcelain teeth, and metal porcelain teeth are just one of many types. This kind of porcelain teeth is not only used for a long time, but also feels better and the price is relatively moderate, so people who choose this kind of porcelain teeth are more many. However, before choosing, you must also understand how to deal with exposure, as well as suitable for people, including different reasons for price, and then choose regular channels to install porcelain teeth.


Treatment method for leakage of metal porcelain teeth


1.Treatment method of exposed metal part of porcelain teeth

If the leakage of metal porcelain teeth is relatively small, it is relatively easier to process, and resin can be used directly for repair, including filling with resin, but the relative bonding force is slightly smaller, and the stability is relatively poor. Some. Therefore, this treatment method is only for some minor leakage. If serious leakage occurs, other methods must be selected to achieve better results.

Crown and bridge design process

2.Remove the porcelain crown and then reinstall it

To deal with the leakage of porcelain teeth with this method, first of all, it is necessary to ensure the state of the abutment teeth. If the root canal treatment is relatively complete and the abutment teeth have no secondary caries, in this case, a porcelain crown can be made directly. If the original root canal treatment is not perfect, you need to do a new root canal treatment, and then do a porcelain crown. If there is secondary caries, the decaying substances must be removed during treatment, to ensure that the abutment will not occur again, and secondary caries can be used for crown restoration.


Who are suitable for installing metal porcelain teeth?


1.Suitable for single tooth loss

For example, people who are missing a single tooth can directly use porcelain teeth, because porcelain teeth are relatively hard, more beautiful, more convenient to install, and cheaper. As a single tooth has fallen, you can choose to use porcelain teeth for installation, which can ensure that you can not only reflect the beauty, but also be more natural when chewing.


2.Suitable for multiple missing teeth

With the continuous growth of age, many people over 60 years old will gradually lose their teeth. For example, they will lose several teeth, or even 10 teeth. In such cases, porcelain teeth can be used for installation. After installation It can also chew like natural teeth.


3.It is suitable for the whole mouth to be installed

China metal porcelain teeth are also more suitable for full-mouth installation. For example, some elderly people over 70 years old, especially those over 80 years old, because they do not brush their teeth when they are young, they usually have poor oral protection. Caused a mouthful of missing teeth. If this situation will affect chewing and aesthetics, you can choose to install full-mouth porcelain teeth.

Tooth patch Invisible braces

4.Suitable for tooth loss caused by trauma

Tooth loss caused by trauma, such as this case, you can choose porcelain teeth. Especially like two incisors, if they fall out due to trauma, you can use porcelain teeth directly. Because porcelain teeth are good dentures in terms of price, aesthetics, and their hardness, they are also suitable for the public, and there are different types. You can choose what you can accept according to your own economic conditions. porcelain teeth.


What are the reasons for the different prices of porcelain teeth?


1.The patient’s own oral conditions will affect the price

For some patients with serious dental problems, for example, endodontic treatment is required before making porcelain teeth, mainly to treat some dental diseases such as pulpitis, so the restoration of porcelain teeth is relatively more complicated, and the treatment time It will also be elongated, so the price of porcelain teeth will also be higher.


2.The material of porcelain teeth will also affect the price

Porcelain teeth are divided into tooth inner material, including tooth outer material. The inner lining of teeth usually uses metal lining, and ordinary metal is used. The change in this aspect alone will also vary in price. Especially if you choose expensive metal porcelain teeth, the relative price is much higher, generally 1000-5000 yuan higher than ordinary metal porcelain teeth.


3.The choice of medical institutions and professional doctors will also affect the price

China dental lab LOYAL BEAUTY will purchase more advanced equipment and hire more professional dentists, so the operating cost will be higher, but it is also guaranteed in terms of technology. While these are guaranteed, the cost is also will be higher. Like some families with better conditions, try to choose a porcelain tooth installation mechanism like this to ensure the effect. Although the price is higher, the price is more transparent, more formal and professional, and the service attitude is also better.


The metal porcelain teeth of China dental lab LOYAL BEAUTY is one that many people choose more. It uses different groups of people and can be selected according to their own economic conditions. If the family conditions are average, you can choose the more affordable porcelain teeth, and if the economic conditions are good, you can choose the precious metal type porcelain teeth.


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