Why Choose High Quality Implant Teeth?


What would happen if I wore removable dentures for the rest of my life? In fact, this will cause alveolar bone atrophy. Most elderly people think that a pair of dentures have been worn for a long time, and they have adapted to it, so they wear a pair of dentures to the end for a long time, but this concept and practice are wrong.

In fact, movable dentures, as foreign bodies in the oral cavity, will gradually form plaque after entering the oral cavity. If the dentures are not cleaned effectively every day, the growth of pathogenic bacteria will accelerate, causing serious oral problems and even systemic diseases. Too strong, and it is easy to plug the teeth, and the alveolar bone is shrinking day by day. In this case, the gums will accelerate to become lower, so that there will be no fixed position to support the dentures, and it will be very difficult to install dentures.

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What do you do when you encounter this situation? The first thing that comes to mind is that you can’t make the same mistakes again and again, it’s time to choose a dental implant. After all, the current better way to restore teeth is high quality implant teeth.

Advantages of high quality implant teeth

  • Can help you look younger

Dental crowns can be made according to your face shape, and the shape and color of other teeth to achieve overall coordination and beauty.

  • Can help you become stronger

The chewing effect is more natural: it can restore the tooth function very well, and the chewing function is much better than other traditional teeth.

  • It can make your oral environment more hygienic

It is comfortable, convenient and clean, and bid farewell to the party of cleanliness: it never uses the base and clasp that are necessary for removable dentures, and there is no foreign body sensation. It is very comfortable and convenient, and it is also conducive to oral hygiene.

  • It can make your teeth stronger and not fall out

It does not use the clasps or ferrules of traditional dentures. The artificial teeth are closely combined with the alveolar bone. They accompany and stick to you like real teeth, and have strong retention and stability.

  • It can protect your other teeth very well

It relies on its own artificial tooth root for restoration, just like practicing martial arts, without damaging the healthy teeth next to it, and less damage to the teeth.

Who is suitable for high quality implant teeth


In the following situations, if economic conditions permit and you can accept the long period of time required for dental implant treatment, dental implants are often the best choice.

1. Patients with complete loss of lower teeth and severe absorption of mandibular gums. Such patients often do not easy to use ordinary full-mouth removable dentures.
2. Only 1-2 teeth are missing. Patients who have healthy teeth next to the missing teeth do not want to grind down the healthy teeth to make fixed dentures.
3. Patients who wear movable dentures are prone to oral ulcers or nausea and vomiting.
4. Patients who have undergone head and face surgery and cannot have ordinary movable dentures.
5. Patients who have worn fixed dentures in the past, and the condition of the remaining teeth in the mouth is not good enough for conventional fixed restoration.

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Who is not suitable for high quality implant teeth

Whether to do dental implants needs to consider not only the local condition of the patient’s oral cavity but also the general condition of the patient. If the local condition of the oral cavity or the general condition does not meet the requirements, it is difficult and risky to do dental implants. These situations are expressed in technical terms as contraindications or relative contraindications.

Oral local contraindications:

  • Insufficient alveolar bone mass and unable to increase bone mass through surgery create conditions for dental implant surgery.
  • Have uncontrolled periodontitis or oral hygiene that is too poor to improve.
  • The degree of mouth opening is too small or the space between missing teeth is too small.
  • The jaw has previously received radiation therapy.
  • Patients with severe oral mucosal lesions.

In these cases, dental implants should be done with caution. Patients with local root residues, cysts, and inflammatory reactions should be treated and the inflammation should be controlled before dental implants; patients who need orthodontic treatment generally have dental implants after completion of orthodontics.

Systemic contraindications:

  • Patients have serious endocrine diseases (such as diabetes with poor blood sugar control, severe adrenal disease or thyroid disease, etc.).
  • Severe cardiovascular diseases (such as moderate and severe hypertension, unstable angina, myocardial infarction), severe mental illness, blood disease, and autoimmune disease.
  • Patients with a history of bacterial endocarditis, heart and other organ transplants.
  • Patients use certain drugs (such as anticoagulant preparations, bisphosphonates, chemotherapy drugs, etc.).
  • Women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. These general conditions should be carefully evaluated, and implantation options are generally not an option.
  • It should be noted that excessive smoking, alcoholism, and drug addicts are not suitable for dental implants.

Caring for dental implants and remembering three principles

After the high quality implant teeth treatment process is over, what should patients pay attention to when using dental implants? Simply put, there are three principles: clean the implanted teeth, don’t bite hard things and check regularly.

  • Clean your toothbrush

It seems simple, but it is not easy to do. It is very difficult to do a good job of cleaning dental implants in the way of doing everything with a toothbrush. According to your own situation, you need to use dental floss, interstitial toothbrush, special dental floss for dental implants, dental flosser and other tools to keep your dental implants clean.

  • Don’t bite hard things

Dental implants have no nerves, are not sensitive to pressure and pain, and cannot send messages such as “it is tired” to the brain. When we use it to bite hard food (such as walnuts, etc.), the dental implant needs to bear a lot of force. Due to the lack of neurofeedback, we are not easy to realize its fatigue and injury. If it continues to be affected, the root of the implant will “die young” due to excessive load for a long time, and it will fail.

  • Regular review

After dental implants are installed, regular check-ups are required. In the initial period of wearing teeth, you can find a doctor for a review at 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months, and give feedback to the doctor about the use of dental implants. The doctor will also check the health status of the dental implant through clinical examination, and give you some guidance and suggestions. X-rays are usually taken for further examination after the implant has been used for a year.

Safe and reliable china dental outsourcing tips need to pay attention to: the health status of the whole body cannot be ignored. General health also has a crucial impact on the future of dental implants. The impact of unhealthy lifestyles, systemic diseases, excessive mental stress, and excessive anxiety on the immune system and endocrine systems will also be manifested in the tissues around the oral cavity and dental implants. Therefore, only by paying attention to the health of the whole body, oral health, and consciously ensuring oral health can high quality implant teeth serve you for a long time.

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