Why do dentists recommend zirconia crown porcelain teeth

1.Introduction of zirconia crown


Zirconia crown is processed by computer aided design, laser scanning and regenerative hardware, with good translucent appearance, high density and strength, advanced molding process, precision processing equipment, ceramic factory, smooth surface of the product.


Depending on the material, all-porcelain teeth can also be divided into alumina all-porcelain teeth, cast all-ceramic teeth, and zirconia crown all-porcelain teeth.

2.The difference between zirconia crown porcelain teeth and all-porcelain teeth

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All porcelain teeth refer to porcelain restorations without metal inner crowns, while zirconia crown porcelain teeth usually refer to zirconia all-porcelain teeth, which are a type of all-porcelain teeth, so there is no difference between zirconia crown porcelain teeth and all-porcelain teeth. However, in addition to zirconia crown porcelain teeth, there are also common types of glass-ceramic all-ceramic teeth and alumina all-porcelain teeth. Zirconia all-ceramic teeth can be distinguished from other common types of all-ceramic teeth in terms of main components, properties, applications, etc.


  1. The main component difference: zirconia crown porcelain teeth are mainly zirconia inner crowns, while glass-ceramic all-ceramic teeth are mainly glass-penetrating porcelain crowns, and alumina all-ceramic teeth are mainly alumina inner crowns;
  2. Performance: Zirconia crown porcelain teeth have worse light transmittance than glass all-ceramic teeth, but their strength is the highest among all porcelain teeth, so it is suitable for making single crown or multi-unit fixed bridges. Glass all-ceramic teeth have good light transmittance and outstanding aesthetics, but slightly less strength, so they are suitable for veneers, inlays or single crowns, especially for front tooth restoration. The light transmittance and mechanical strength of zirconia crown teeth are between the two, so it is suitable for making inlays, single crowns or three-unit anterior bridges;
  3. Application: Zirconia crown porcelain teeth are currently popular in the restoration industry. Although its strength is high, it can better adapt to the chewing pressure of the molar area, but the strength of zirconia is higher than that of natural teeth. Other types of glass all-porcelain teeth and alumina all-porcelain teeth have relatively low strength, which can reduce wear and tear on (dental) teeth, but may not be able to withstand chewing pressure due to their low strength.

Therefore, when patients choose all-ceramic teeth for repair, they usually choose all-ceramic teeth with higher strength in the molar area, such as zirconia crown porcelain teeth or zirconia all-porcelain teeth. Pay attention to the pile crown repair in the front tooth area, and when using metal piles, try not to use glass all-ceramic teeth, because their light transmittance is too good, and the color of the metal pile inside can be revealed.


3.How to make zirconia crown porcelain teeth


Processing process: generally divided into two types: one, manual processing; two, computer numerical control machining.

1) The processing process of manual processing

Tooth preparation—tooth mold—generation mold—wax type—profiling processing—firing — porcelain — porcelain

2) Computer CNC machining

Tooth preparation—tooth mold—generation mold—scanning model—computer CNC machining—firing — porcelain — porcelain

Computerized CNC processed teeth are closely combined with natural teeth, and no bacteria will grow in the crevices. Unlike other ceramics, zirconiated crowns have good toughness and are comparable to metals.


4.Advantages of zirconia crown


  1. There are no black lines on the edges of the gums, no heaviness, no redness and bleeding gums, so you really feel that porcelain teeth grow out of your own gums.
  2. The light transmittance that matches real teeth, has a natural color, and the restoration is perfectly integrated with healthy teeth, making it difficult to distinguish, and there is no longer the embarrassment of “blue teeth glittering” under the light.
  3. With compressive strength comparable to metal porcelain teeth, there is no need to worry about porcelain cracking.
  4. zirconia crown is an excellent high-tech biomaterial. It has good biocompatibility and is superior to various metal alloys, including gold. zirconia crown is non-irritating and non-allergic to gums. It is suitable for use in the oral cavity, avoiding adverse reactions such as allergies, irritation, and corrosion caused by metals in the oral cavity.Less molars and greater retention of your own dental tissue.
  5. If the dentures embedded in your mouth are porcelain crowns with metal, they will be affected or even removed when you need to do a cranial x-ray, CT, MRI examination. The non-metallic zirconia crown does not block the x-ray. As long as zirconium dioxide porcelain teeth are embedded, the dentures do not need to be removed when X-ray, CT, and MRI examinations are needed in the future, saving a lot of trouble.

crown and bridge

5.Regarding the precautions for the use of zirconia crown, there are the following points:


  1. When wearing the crown for the first time, there is mild discomfort. Patients should practice patiently and gradually adapt;
  2. Eat soft foods when you first wear them, and then eat normal foods after getting used to them. Avoid eating too hard foods (such as walnuts, etc.);
  3. Keep your mouth clean and develop the habit of brushing your teeth after meals (it is recommended to use floss, dental punches, etc.);
  4. Those who wear crowns adapt to or cause pain should be followed up in time;
  5. Since part of the tooth enamel is ground during tooth preparation, avoid eating too cold and hot food when first wearing zirconia crown porcelain teeth to avoid excitation pain. You can eat normally after about two weeks;
  6. recommend periodic reviews;

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