Why Zirconia Crowns are the Perfect Choice for Design-Forward Dentistry


Staying ahead of the trends in dental design means keeping up with new techniques and materials. This can be difficult for some dentists and requires in-depth research on the latest techniques. One of the most popular trends in dentistry is the use of zirconia crowns. They offer a unique look, are extremely durable and are easy to customize for a variety of applications.

Benefits of Zirconia Crowns

Zirconia crowns have a variety of benefits, including:

    • Strength and Durability: Zirconia is incredibly strong, making it an ideal material for dental crowns. This material is known to last up to two decades, so you can rest assured that your crowns won’t need to be replaced in the near future.


    • Minimal Maintenance: Unlike other types of crowns, zirconia crowns require very little maintenance in order to stay looking brand new. All you need is some basic cleaning and polishing in order to keep them looking their best.


    • Design Versatility: Zirconia crowns can be customized to fit the needs of your patient. The material can be sanded down to a very thin form and shaped with almost any design. This means you can make crowns that have intricate details or bold colors with ease.


Design-Forward Uses for Zirconia Crowns

Zirconia crowns have a number of applications in design-forward dentistry. Here are some of the most popular uses:

    • Bonding: Zirconia is perfect for bonding with other materials. This is especially useful for creating inlays and bridges with porcelain veneers.


    • Aesthetics: Zirconia is an excellent material for creating aesthetic finishes. It can be sanded down to a very thin form, allowing for a wide range of colors and shades. It can also be etched with a number of patterns and designs to give your crowns a unique look.


    • Stain Resistance: Zirconia is highly resistant to staining and discoloration, making it a great choice for crowns that need to last for a long time without losing their original color.



Zirconia crowns are a great option for design-forward dentistry. They offer strength and durability, minimal maintenance, and design versatility. They can be used for bonding, aesthetics, and stain resistance.

If you’re looking for a unique, long-lasting material for your crowns, zirconia is the perfect choice.


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